Nike pushes athletes beyond their possibilities, with “JUST DO IT” added up with the new “Unlimited You” campaign, not even the sky becomes a border.

 Source: Nike Youtube Channel

Nike is normally known for their slogan “JUST DO IT”. Starting without thinking is the intention of Nike´s famous slogan. But with their new campaign “Unlimited You”, created by Wieden + Kennedy, Nike sets new standards. “Unlimited You” was published simultaneously with the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil in August 2016.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the commercial spot. The first part of the spot deals with children and teenagers, which gets pushed by a voice-over to improve their skills. The voice-over is spoken by the Golden-Globe Winner Oscar Isaac (known from Star Wars). In the second part young adults cross their own borders by competing with sport stars like:

  • Serena Williams
  • Neymar Jr.
  • Kevin Durant
  • etc

The third part deals with the athletes who are now unstoppable. The child Tim, who becomes the winner of every sport, symbolizes this quite well.

“Unlimited You” was built upon Nike`s “JUST DO IT” campaign. Therefore they use a gymnast who breaks through the “JUST DO IT” slogan after he was told that he is finished and reached his goals. However his answer was he had just warm-up. As you can see “JUST DO IT” is only the first step. “Unlimited You” is the ultimate mode within athletes notice they don´t have limits. Additional to that, they go their own ways without an influence from others.


As marketing channels for “Unlimited You” Nike uses social media (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ YouTube), TV, their Homepage and events. For the campaign Nike designed a special version of their Swoosh. It is a mixture of a vibrant neon yellow and hot pink fusion which should symbolize the kinetic-like energy that can´t be ignored.

From the 19th of August till the 21st of August Nike started an event in east London where people came together in a special created location. This location was an old building with immersive light installations and a special created soundtrack to create the perfect workout atmosphere. The event was open for 2000 women and men, which all wanted to cross their own boarders. In the event they had the opportunity to choose between two programs. The first was a “Kobox class” paired with a Nike Run Club session. The second opportunity was a “Barry´s Bootcamp” treadmill workout followed by a Nike Training Club session. With this setup Nike wanted to show the people their message that nothing is impossible while they learned it on their own in the workout.

These 2000 people made their own experience while attending the training session. After that they will spread positive outcomes for Nike and “Unlimited You” to friends and family. Furthermore some athletes who went to the event post something on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #unlimitedyou and #nike, which could have an increase of Nike´s followers.

Nike has chosen a brilliant way to show their intention to motivate and support young people to maximize their skills and crossing borders to become world-class athletes. By using the new swoosh and the new slogan “Unlimited You” they created an awesome new campaign for the future. Currently if you know the colored swoosh, you would think about Nike but especially unlimited you.

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