Balmain Fashion House

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Balmain is a French haute couture fashion house, established by Pierre Balmain in 1946. The period right after World War II was a return to opulence, to creativity, a time for a designer to let their imagination run wild. Balmain created Jolie Madame, the image that best defined women after the war: elegant, immaculate, active and vivacious. Balmain quickly became a success among the celebrities of the time, and in the present, Balmain is a brand that also appeals to young people, thanks to brand ambassadors like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Balmain runway models
Luxury never looked so good!

SS16 Campaign

New to the Balmain brand




RED ALERT: Ready to Wear!!!

You get to purchase the clothes straight out of the runway. With this collection you get to see new spring/summer street wear gear to your formal night out evening wear. Not just for females but for the gents too with a more safari edge, earth tone colours and your nudes. Balmain keeps you looking fresh and just the look you’re looking for, leaving a statement of course. Everything is moving fast, high-fashion and luxury clothing is becoming the new IT thing even if it’s simply going to the shops, everybody wants to make a statement and that is what Balmain exposes to you.

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Want to get an inside look into this Fashion? Check out this video and see that its more than just a brand….its a FAMILY!

Balmain Triple Threat




“Its more than just a brand…IT’S A FAMILY!”



The supermodel campaign has gained worldwide attention for a very simple reason:

  • Three BIG names: These women burst into the fashion scene and quickly became big names in the industry, remaining to this day associated with the words “fashion” and “glamour”.
  • This link that Balmain has cleverly made between the brand and the glamorous iconic models serves as a channel for thought in the minds of the target market: upper-middle class women and men between 20 and 40.
  • Those in their ‘20s are aware of the paramount careers of Campbell, Schiffer and Crawford, as well as being very in tune with ‘90s fashion as the same clothing trends have resurfaced for Generation Y.
  • The ‘30s and ‘40s market are acutely aware of these women as well, and are likely to remember them with fondness as women who personify the time when they were just discovering fashion, having been in their teens during the ‘90s.
  • Thanks to the campaign when you think “Balmain”, now you see the possibilities this brand brings to the table.

Want to be high fashion? Sure, why not. But do you want to associate yourself with the brand that dresses icons, a brand with nostalgic value? The answer from around the globe has been a resounding “YES”.

Balmain’s Freshest Edition



#BALMAINKIDS…kind of makes you wish you could be like the cool kids, right? The campaign has captured the hearts of millions, popping up in magazines, online editorials and the most popular social media platforms.

The high end element of Balmain Kids gives this line its competitive advantage. The target market appears here to be families of luxury and high fashion where it’s ideal for the children to wear these embroidered, embellished garments, similar to those worn by your media moguls. Balmain is one of the only brands who caters to this market, how many other brands can you think of with a kids’ line matching such glamorous standards? Exactly. Balmain has monopolized the market here. This campaign, as with many Balmain campaigns, successfully inspires much of its own free marketing. With gorgeous children wearing as visually stunning clothes as these, how could one look away?

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