PepsiCo has created a series of emojis that capture the core essence of Pepsi, the brands famous globe shape together with colors of blue, red and white to create a universal language that resonates with the brand.

The “Say it with Pepsi” campaign will feature a number of emojis on Pepsi bottles and cans.


PepsiCo is well known for its soft drinks – their Pepsi Cola was first formulated in 1898. The saying ‘times are changing’ is one that is very applicable to this day and age, and what PepsiCo does very well is to adapt with the times. PepsiCo has dedicated themselves to performance with purpose, in other words, what is good for business should be good for society.

Communication is something that is necessary and at the same time beautiful. There have been many cases where a miscommunication results in chaos, but this does not always have to be the case.

With the new PepsiMoji campaign they have created a fun and interesting way of communicating with the world, and one another. To understand the vast reach of emojis, we use a few stats to put it into perspective – 2 billion smartphone users use 6 billion emojis on a daily basis. The goal is for emojis as a universal language of emotions to transcend linguistic barriers.

The Emoji campaign is aiming to reach 100 global markets in 2016 therefore there are a vast number of target markets that PepsiCo has to reach and cater for. In order to cater for this large target market Pepsi has designed specific emojis for each segment in the market, such as an emoji wearing a Thai costume.

Pepsi will back this campaign through digital and traditional advertising, there is also a plan to extend the emojis beyond packaging, for example Pepsi has teamed up with a well-known fashion designer to create a collection of PepsiMoji-inspired sunglasses. By placing emojis on packaging Pepsi will attempt to combine retail marketing with digital marketing.


Pepsi also uses #sayitwithPepsi with this emojis campaign as to further penetrate the market and create certain hype about the emoji campaign on social media. This is very relevant for the campaign as the whole emoji idea bases itself around social media and Pepsi then uses this as another communication tool to have the most effect in reaching the market and making it easier to leverage in their favour. This even allows for the consumers to do some promotion for Pepsi, in that they share the drink with someone else. They share an emoji with someone special and create a positive experience, they then associate the brand of Pepsi with that positive experience they had with that special someone.

The emoji campaign did this by focusing on the consumers of Pepsi. Based on how the consumer feels, it allows them to express their emotions through the emoji shown on the Pepsi product. This can allow the consumer to form a certain association with the Pepsi brand on an emotional level. This can lead to people becoming more brand loyal towards Pepsi and that leads to repeat sales.

With the use of emojis Pepsi was also successful in that it required no words and that people of all cultures and languages can relate to the experience and that the experience is not hindered by social barriers. Making it a truly successful worldwide integrated marketing campaign.