Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never hide.

Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” campaign embraces living your life with authenticity and without fear of judgement.  Ray-Ban embraces an iconic retro fashion which reflects the notion that it’s fashionable not only to wear Ray-Bans but to be yourself. So grab your sunnies, let down your hair (or your man bun) and don’t be afraid to be different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. Be genuine. Read more.

Bear it all. Never Hide

The Chosen Ones
Youngsters, yuppies and your everyday “average joes” are amongst the folks that the campaign wants to grab the attention of. It somewhat makes people feel as if they are a part of a revolution where we flip the idea of hiding behind our sunnies and instead embrace a new found confidence to show the world who we truly are. If you’re gay/lesbian never hide who you love. Never hide behind your skin colour. Never hide that inner wild child. Never hide what your mama gave you, curves and all. If you’re a black sheep never hide, own that wool.



An important influence of the Never Hide campaign is the public’s involvement which is what makes it so interesting and relatable. The campaign was originally inspired by

Campaign Image inspired by Taylor Mead

people’s stories of standing out and defying the norms. Ray-Ban encourages users to participate on their website where they urge you to “tell your story” and to share your purpose in life after purchasing a pair of ray bans. A man called Taylor Mead told his story and inspired one of the campaigns images. Mead expressed his struggle of being gay in the 1940’s but he didn’t let all the hate tear him down or change him, he persevered and didn’t hide who he loved. Standing out is ever so significant in our modern world, nobody wants to be boring. This explains why the campaign has been running since 2007 because being different is a trend that never goes out of fashion.

Time Travel
The iconic photographs captured for the campaign take us on a journey through time from the past to the present and into the future. We love how each time period is distinguished by a particular colour filter. Although some time periods use the same colour pallet, no two ads use the exact same colours which further perpetuates Ray-Bans belief in individuality.  Ray-Ban sticks to keeping it real in the photographs by avoiding the use of any special effects or your typical Photoshop shenanigans. We especially loved how each photograph makes a statement that gives us the courage to be ourselves, express who we are and just let loose.



Colourise Campaign
We can’t get enough of Ray-Ban’s colourise campaign. The colourize campaign consists of a collection of images with ordinary people grinning in addition to each image having a different colour pallet. This emphasises the brands values to be bold and brave which is essentially the root of the “Never Hide” campaign. These bright and fun photographs are a modern Pop Art interpretation of the famous and creative Andy Warhol.


Guerrilla Tactics
Ray-Ban loves to use guerrilla marketing and you can’t help but love the secrecy of it. It is a very unique yet risky promotion technique yet we see it as an enhancement of their claims of standing out and asserting individuality. They are also proving that expressing yourself takes a lot of courage. The risk involved makes the campaign feel more like a movement instead of just plain advertising and promotion. Ray- Ban hilariously uses the guerrilla technique by sticking paper sunglasses with “Never Hide” written in the lenses on public statues and images of people. This was sure to attract attention through word-of-mouth! Not only did they stick up the paper sunglasses, they also made a video of it for further promotion. Way to kill two birds with one stone, Ray-Ban.

It goes without saying that the Ray-Ban Never Hide campaign communicates to people that when wearing Ray-Bans, you can conquer anything that you set your mind to.  The brand encourages you to find the confidence to live your life with authenticity, to challenge the conventional ways of society and of course, to Never Hide!


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