SANBS is a non-profit organisation and provides an essential service in South Africa. It is rated as one of the best in the world

for providing blood products, in the provision of blood as well as in relation to the training provided and research done.sanbs-bloodSANBS operates nationwide, with one exclusion – the Western Cape. Additionally, the brand is considered to be a major contributor of providing support to countries within the SADC region. Saving patients’ lives is the most important goal. SANBS has a vision to receive national and international recognition as an excellent center in the blood transfusion discipline. Their mission is to provide all patients with safe, sufficient blood products and medical services that are associated to blood transfusion in an unbiased, profitable way.

Source: Youtube, 2016

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How  the campaign was conducted

The goal of the chair activation is to raise awareness, amongst South Africans, about the profound impact that their blood donation can have –  3 lives are saved from 1 pint of blood. The campaign included three empty blood bags, that were shaped like people, that were connected to a chair. The message, “Every time you sit down to donate you save three lives.” stood above the chair. The blood bags filled up with a red liquid every time a shopper sat down. This really brought the message to life.

Their target market

SANBS’s target market could ironically also be defined as the opposite of a target market because of how extensively inclusive it is. There are, however, certain requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible to make a blood donation. Donors must be:

  • 16-65 years old,
  • weigh more than 50kg’s,
  • have sexually healthy lifestyles and
  • consider their blood to be safe.

These requirements exist for the sole purpose of ensuring safety of the blood donation and transfusion process.

Types of promotional tools that were used

SANBS made use of social media, dedicated websites and webpage and event platforms in order to successfully expand and promote the campaign. Examples include:posts on their Facebook page (around the time the campaign took place) encouraging blood donation,uploading a video (that summarises the key components of this campaign) to websites such as YouTube and the SANBS and making an informative post describing the campaign on the SANBS website.


Source: Loeries, 2016

Great aspects about this campaign

The aesthetic quality and conceptual composition of the installation was straight forward and made it easy for consumers to receive and process the message. Another great characteristic is that raising awareness was at the heart of the campaign. It showed people how one donation can have an extraordinarily impact on the lives of those in need.The unique manner in which the campaign was conducted also

Source: Newcastle Advertiser, 2016

contributed to helping people to truly understand the reality of why donating blood is so important. The fact that the campaign was located so close to the blood drive encouraged
consumers to act on the emotions evoked after “sitting down” by making an immediate donation and possibly, future donations as well.




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