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Chasing golden moments

The only thing that has more value than gold is friendship and the memories you make; as Barney Stinson of the How I Met Your Mother sitcom says: “whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” Klipdrift captures the very essence of this quote in their advertising campaign of chasing golden moments “Gold In Every Drop”.

Like Ussain Bolt, Michael Phelps and other notoriously famous athletes have to go through a process of hard work and dedication towards achieving that glorified gold medal; Klipdrift television ads have ordinary people going through their own unique processes to achieving gold, these individuals overcome obstacles and challenges with what is an acceptable way to do things, to finally achieving that golden moment at the end of each ad with a smile and cheers of approval for friendship and Klipdrift, to us this is gold.


Fact or Opinion

  • Klipdrift is a sponsor of MTV Base concerts #GoldenBeats, the Springboks #GoldenGame and basically a supporter of a good time with mates #GoldInEveryDrop
  • Klipdrift is a complimentary product with the likes of Coca-cola’s Coke
  • Klipdrift offers various versions of the golden liquor as well as a notable pre-mixed shandi #KlipdriftShandis
  • The unspoken yet now spoken truth: a group of mates along with a bottle of golden liquor Klipdrift and you have yourself an opportunity… Golden moments will occur as advertised




Klipdrift & the Springboks

Klipdrift is the Springboks brandy of choice as well as most South African rugby supporters. The #GoldenGame campaign positions Klipdrift in the light of being for the golden times; the weekends rugby match, the celebration of tries being scored by the boks and a cheers of glasses to appreciate the success of the Springboks victory and the end result of a golden win and golden brandy Klipdrift. If it’s a loss by the boks, people still enjoy the Klipdrift because it encourages a golden experience with friends as depicted by the ads endorsers and their reactions to tasting the golden liquor.

With regards to Klipdrift’s marketing and advertising relating to rugby; we feel that their campaign is well targeted at the market of South African rugby supporters through clever use of rugby jargon that supporters can appreciate. Klipdrift relate their product in a humorous manner towards our countries’ serious matter of rugby through clever puns and witty use of rugby jargon to entertain prospective consumers.


Klipdrift campaign


This brandy beverage advertising campaign is one of chasing golden moments and appreciate the golden friendships made along the way has led us to believe…

Klipdrift is informal and fun yet classy, used as an appreciation of friendship but to be enjoyed together in the moment and not savoured for later. Klipdrift uses hip language in its advertising campaign and is targeted at people who live for an experience and in the moment. Klipdrift appreciates the small things and people appreciate Klipdrift. The relationship with this beverage works!

Klipdrift was consumed in the making of this blog post.

Seize the day, maybe not “Suit up!” or train for the big race; but get yourself a Klipdrift with a few friends and have a golden day.


Friendship + Klipdrift = Golden Moments. Tell us yours.

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