Whether you’re one of the top sports stars in the world or just want to style the original range, Adidas has something for you. 

The original Adidas  creating Originals

“Adidas is all in is the current global marketing slogan for Adidas. This slogan aims to bring together all brands and labels, creating a unified image for consumers who are interested in sports, fashion and pop culture.

Adidas Originals remains a popular life-style icon as it portrays the retro, old school image which has remained fashionable over the years. Adidas’ brand loyalty expands over many generations due to its clean, untainted image.

Adidas has always been associated with top sportsmen and celebrities, and with social media being so prevalent, celebrities wearing this brand are an extremely powerful marketing tool. This is why Adidas is such a successful, timeless brand that keeps on reinventing itself.

A pair for everyone. Source: Own Photo

A few favourite Originals to get your hands on:

  • Adidas Superstars
  • Adidas Fluxes
  • Adidas Yeezys (Because who doesn’t like Kanye)
  • Adidas Stan Smiths

Your future, make it happen

Adidas Originals launched a new range of spring/summer footwear and to accompany the new rage, they had the great idea of targeting their consumers and displaying a positive message within the campaign by focusing on the future.

Adidas spring/summer 2016 campaign is focused on the future. This campaign puts emphasis on the fact that your future is in your own hands. It tries to inspire you to push past the limitations that society places upon us and forge your own future.

The Future campaign started with the release of their video.

The video displays a new generation of creators marching into the future despite all the limitations that bind them. This message is aimed at a younger generation that has many social trends and standards that lead people to live in a specific way. The Originals created a message that communicates that one does not have to fall in line with societal expectations, but can break free and create ones own destiny.

The campaign inspires us to think differently and be innovative. There is nothing confining you to society’s trends. You are an individual, live your own life.

The new generation of creators

Originals show off individuality and authenticity, which appeals to consumers who want to be classic, stylish and original. Traditionally Adidas attracted the sporty lifestyle, however the target market for the Originals range now includes street style and pop culture. These customers range from 15 to 30 years of age and include the middle to upper classes with the common bond of timeless style. This market is young and creative and has a drive to be different.

Get in line. Source: Own Photo

The campaign is a huge social success as it promotes confidence, creativity, freedom and individuality. Most of these traits were previously frowned upon, now Adidas has told people it is ok to be different. Many similar brands try to establish themselves as superior and untouchable, encouraging customers to try and achieve unrealistic goals. What Adidas Originals has done is told customers to accept themselves for who they are.

Adidas is set to continue to be as successful in the future as it has been in the past.

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