Fairview Cheese and Wine have captured the essence of the Cape Winelands in creating the ultimate family and friend Wine Route experience. They are situated in the heart of the Boland in Paarl, Westerm Cape.  Famous for their luxury cheeses and top quality wines, they have established great market share in their industry.

The Brand

Although the Fairview property has been producing wine since 1699, the first bottle of Fairview-labelled wine only became available from the farm in 1974 (which was sold at South Africa’s first wine auction). Since then many changes have taken place. The original label was designed by Charles’ late mother Beryl, who also painted the mural in the reception.

Over the next 37 vintages, the brand has undergone various changes, dove-tailing with the evolution of the farm, the vineyards, the wines and the market. Over the years Charles Back (Owner) has tried to retain the soul of what he believes makes Fairview special, always staying true to the fundamental principles of the farm’s rich heritage. A brand label was finally created to embody all of Fairview’s values in a timeless design.

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Source: http://www.fairview.co.za/

The goat stands proud as an integral part of the history of Fairview. Their brand has a lot of the goat’s capricious nature in its DNA – always looking for new opportunities, not afraid of climbing, sure-footed and quite mischievous at times. The iconic Goat Tower has also been included in a stylised manner on the capsule of the bottle.


Positive Aspects of IBP Campaign

“My Favorite Winery…IN THE WORLD! ”

“Had once again another fantastic experience at Fairview. The staff was awesome and so friendly. We once again did the Master Tasting in the barrel room and it was perfect! We got a one-hour presentation by the Sommelier who demonstrated the ways of wine tasting. We had 8 wine and cheese pairings that were just terrific! This is a must do while in Paarl!”


The results of Fairview’s marketing activities have resulted in the following:

  • Established and maintained significant market share in both Cheese and Wine industries.
  • Have become an integral part of the Cape Winelands Wine Route.
  • One of the most sought after locations for day trips for tourists.
  • Encompassing the essence of the Cape Winelands and portraying it to their consumers.


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Source: <a href=”https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/LocationPhotos-g312668-Paarl_Western_Cape.html#23471651″><img alt=”” src=”https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01/66/26/23/fairview-wine-estate.jpg”/>
This photo of Paarl is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Video: Here Charles Back can be viewed graciously receiving a Lifetime Achievement award


The Target Market

Fairview’s existing target market is the high-income earners and the LSM (living standard measure) group 8 to 10. The cheese and wine products offered under the brand are seen as luxury product and not purchased by the average household. They have managed to create a distinct image and quality features for their products which consumers are willing to pay

Fairview is also planning to target two new markets like the lower LSM groups and the growing black middle class, because in a few years’ time they will be one with more disposable income buying less normal goods and more luxury goods such as cheese and wine.

Furthermore, Fairview targets locals as well as people from overseas who are looking for the ultimate Cape Wieland’s experience. Charles Back has earned a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and a lifetime achiever in the wine industry which helps attract people to the Fairview wine farm.




The Promotion Tools

In the past Fairview may have used more traditional means of promoting the brand including magazines and tourism brochures, however, with the rapid growth of technology and other global advances they now use non-traditional means including a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as sponsorship’s and events.


  • The website contains all the vital information about the brand; its history, owners, shop, cheeses, wines, yoghurts, recipes, restaurant as well as contact details for the farm. This platform contains the most detail about the farm.


Click here for website: http://www.fairview.co.za/home_page/


  • Facebook is used also to provide the basic link to the website as well as a map and contact details for Fairview. Furthermore, it is used to launch information regarding events and products. Facebook is also helpful getting feedback from customers.

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Click here for Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fairview-Wine-Estate/155204474534152?fref=ts

  • Twitter is used to promote the brand too. Here the main aim is to share short messages and information with links and images. This is aimed to reach the on the go customers who don’t have lots of time. It shares events, competitions, sponsorships and also provides the link to Fairview’s website.


Click here for Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/fairviewwine