With their 50th year celebration Doritos has gone where few have gone before with a unique range of challenges set to each and every of their willing consumers with the twist of a $1000 cash prize…

The Company

Doritos is a company built on quality and Boldness. Their biggest pride is their unique and daring flavors that sometimes burn you to a crisp but still you return for more because you are The Man/Woman and it is Daringly DELICIOUS!

Image 1.1: The Latest Burning Sensational Doritos Roulette (Source: brobible.com)

They also have flavors for those individuals with a different type of Boldness with their extremely cheesy flavors that are bold in taste in their own unique way. But at the bottom of it all Doritos are the more daring brand of the Frito-Lay company.

The Campaign

The Doritos #Bold50 Campaign is a range of record-breaking challenges that the consumers can partake in for the chance to walk away with a $1000 prize if the can beat the odds and set up the record better than their competitors.

Image 1.2: Doritos Bold50 Campaign Photo (Source: http://www.doritosbold50.com)


Doritos also made their product a small part of all attempts and the consumer is the star in each and every record set and much more important than any product. With this increased focus on the consumer, the ‘Virality’ of the video is certain among the consumers friends.

The Challenges

The Challenges appear on the Bold 50 website (www.doritosbold50.com) periodically where individuals are then able to attempt the challenge for the duration that it is open. Challenges range from the longest Doritos Dominoes line to the most guitar tabs played with a Doritos-pick. These records are easy to do yet exciting to partake in, making it a pleasure for the consumer and also a great reason to share with friends on social media networks.

Below are a few of the completed challenges:

Above from left to right you can see the highest stack of Doritos Chips hurdled over, the most chords played with a Doritos-Pick in 15 seconds and also the

The Target Market

They can be better described as the very bold, the outrageously bold and also just the way out crazy ones that love challenges and challenging life. The Doritos individual is of no specific age, race, religion or region but is willing to put it all on the line for GLORY! The target group is also a lover of the Crispy, Corny, Crunchy Doritos Tortillas that are overwhelming to the taste-buds and spark a tender burn in every bite.

For this campaign specifically the focus was on individuals older than 18 living in the United States that are willing to take a challenge with the added possibility of winning a whole lot of Cash-Money…

The Boldness

The most Fantastic feat of Boldness so far in the Bold50 challenge can be seen in the video below where a group of individuals set the record for the most individuals at a suspended Football party!! How Insane… They were able to view the football game whilst suspended, but I will not spoil the video clip for you that much, so sit down and have a watch.

Video of the First Record Set (Source: http://www.youtube.com)

I do hope that you enjoyed this blog about the Doritos Bold50 campaign!! Please feel free to give your comments and opinions about the campaign down below. 🙂