The Company

Heineken an establishment formed in 1864, has managed to captivate it’s consumers for more than 150 years using their premium product, superior brand and innovative marketing techniques to seduce consumers from all walks of life. With an extreme passion for quality Heineken takes pride in developing not only a premium product but also creating lasting relationships with the community. This quality has been exhibited by their creative approach towards marketing as well as their selected target market, which includes young, very social, self-confident males sharing immeasurable moments with their friends.

Heineken used various techniques to entice the consumer market and create a lasting and unique image.   These techniques include branded entertainment, like a $45 million deal to promote their elegantly crafted product next to the image of elegance himself Mr. James Bond (BBC, n.d.). Without fail the brand is not only suited for black tie events and with many in store promotions it allows Mr Bond to also enjoy the beverage when retiring to his couch with a couple of friends to enjoy events such as the Formula 1 and the UEFA champions league.heineken-the-catch-spectre-james-bond

Furthermore, Heineken uses their website and online presence to inform consumers about their product and provide assistance to any of their customers who seek help. Heineken also uses social media networks and websites to promote their “when you drive never drink” campaign which can also be included as a part of their social responsibility strategy.

The Campaign

Heineken’s marketing craft has surpassed most of its competitors but a campaign that truly highlights it’s unique stature is its devotion to the UEFA Champions League and its’s supporters. Tools that have worked effectively with this campaign include:

  • Sales promotions such as frequent user affinity programs seen in the video posted below.
  • Mass media advertisements before during and after all Champions League fixtures.
  • The sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League.
  • Using public relation tools to ensure the well-being, enjoyment, responsible behaviour of their consumers.

The green bottle and red star is now synonymous with Tuesday and Wednesday night football in every household and group of friends, who enjoy the thrill of the Champions League. Heineken’s dedication to their fans have seen them launch projects and campaigns such as dilemma  the cliché with great efficiency and passion.heineken-dilemma-prank-uefa-champions-league

Clearly Heineken’s passion for their customers and their fun loving, trendy and social approach to marketing gives them an edge, especially when they match their passion with that of their consumers. Heineken uses these methods to great effect and builds lasting relationships that creates memories that customers will cherish for life.

The Target Market

Heineken’s product is aimed at young socially active males seeking new adventures with their mates, as well as goal orientated fashionable individuals attending special events. Heineken targets individuals during special events as indicated by their sponsorship of the untitledFormula 1 and the UEFA Champions League.

WOW, with all this talk about Heineken we are definitely getting thirsty so might as well ejoy the moment.