Become a citizen of this once in a life time experience brought to you by Castle Lite. 

Castle Lite invites you adventurous, cool and extravagant people to apply for your passports to gain entry into the Exclusive Republic of Extra Cold.


Story behind the brand

1994, the start of the new democratic era in South Africa, representing a time of opportunity and possibility, Castle Lite was introduced and shook up the market, changing the South African beer industry forever! Our mission is to provide the “coldest and most refreshing beer on the South African market.” Since then South African beers have progressed, with Castle Lite always leading the pack. The brand’s initial innovative move was a change from brown glass to green, however, despite the development of the packaging since the launch of the brand, the taste and quality has not changed. The premium beer boasts “a clear, golden liquid” that goes down smoothly. The product is considered low in kilojoules and contains 4.0% alcohol. It matures at extremely cold temperatures to ensure a crisper, cleaner taste; resulting in a medium-bodied lager with a unique bitterness and low sweetness. Served at -4 degrees Celsius and packaged with South Africa’s first thermo chromic temperature indicator – the brand is taking beer innovation to the next level! Innovation upon innovation, Castle Lite has not stopped introducing new ways to unlock Extra Cold enjoyment, from the 440ml range to re-sealable bottle as well as the host to world-class concerts. The brand is dedicated to innovation to ensure that you can unlock Extra Cold refreshment in all ways possible.

Introducing to you, The Republic of Extra Cold.

(PlettTourism, 2015)

This event is held on the Stanley Islands in Plettenburg Bay, with its own:

  • exclusive currency,
  • language,
  • government,
  • national anthem
  • and its own flag.

A country of extraordinary. Massive concerts and exciting exclusive artists will be performing at this massive annual republic party

“Unique and unexpected experiences”


The campaign

If you are not settling for the ordinary, if you are looking for moments of extravaganza and life changing experiences, the Republic of Extra Cold is for you. Let’s raise our glasses to the country with no limits to share moments with the beer that changes everything.

Beach bars, lime concerts and magical forests are just but a small part of this Castle Lite campaign. The island exclusively sells Castle Lite beverages to encourage consumers to try out the different beers offered, and to ensure they feel they have gained citizenship into Castle Lite Republic Of Extra Cold. The event hosts international artists such as Drake, J-Cole, Timbaland and Wiz Khalifa. This annual occasion serves as a reminder of Castle Lite’s extraordinary take on advertising and marketing, emphasizing their innovatives ways to maximize customer value.

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The Official Republic of Extra Cold after movie, 2015 


Things to be done, plans to be made. We are moving forward with pace and vigour, free from weight. Get the drink that is the new revolution, be apart of the light race.