How important is your game? Well 917 will change it forever.


Its that time of the year again folks, Driver Launch. So get your shoulders warm and polish those shoes players because Titleist 917 Drivers are here to hit it further and straighter.

Titleist have been working on the new 917 metals for over 4 years and promises that it is the best driver by Titleist yet.

The Best Missed Putt in History.

One missed putt between friends in 1932, sparked the inspiration to build one of the most respected golfing brands in the world. Phil young an owner of a precision molded rubber business struck a putt that missed the hole and was convinced it was the ball to blame. His playing partner an x-ray specialist unconvinced suggested that they x-ray the ball at the local hospital. Various irregularities were found and the idea to produce highest quality and best performing golf ball was born.

Phil Young and Fred Bommer started Acushnet  Golf Divison producer of all things Titleist to this day.The game changer came in the brand strategy that only individual golf professionals would distribute the products because they could provide a true assessment of the quality and performance of the product. This lead to the rise of Titleist as one the of the number 1 choices of golf brand amongst all golfers around the world, which is very easy to believe.

Titleist produces the number 1 ball in golf with the brand boasting with an incredible 95% choice amongst professional players on the PGA tour for the past 30 years. Together with the brands relentless drive towards innovation and performance the brand provides golfers with confidence considering the feel, sound and look of the product to the consumer.


For the past 30+ years, Titleist has been played by the majority of professional players on the U.S. PGA Tour and more than all other golf balls combined.  


Titleist has been one of the leading producers of golf equipment up to date. The philosophy of the brand is to develop the highest quality and best performing golf clubs and balls on the market. The new Titleist 917 metals are exactly that but at the heart of this major new launch is the Player. Titleist knows how important your game is to you and that’s why they put so much effort in producing the best performing clubs for you. The new 917 provides the greatest innovation by Titleist yet, continually pushing the abilities of the brand to produce the best clubs in the world.


The new Titleist 917 campaign has started off with a massive build up of anticipation. Titleist’s Intergrated Brand Promotion is spreading the word better than ever. The new metal is set to launch on the 17th of September 2016 and many players can’t wait to get their hands on one. Titleist have been using a staggering amount of promotional tools to get the word out about the new driver. By launching preview videos of tour professional using the prototype and giving their feedback of the technical ins and outs about how the birth of this new masterpiece came to light, and why you should play the new Titleist 917.

Titleist communicates with all golfers, irrespective of skill level on a very personal level and urges golfers all over the globe to keep their trust with Titleist. The promotional communication of this campaign has been highly successful in communicating the image of the brand and how customers can resonate with the new product launch. Titleist are targeting all golfers irrespective of age or skill due to the adjustability and forgiveness the new 917 provides.

Titleist Gets YOU Ready for 9/17/2016 just one click away:

Everything and Anything that there is to know about the new Titleist 917.

The question is what does 917 offer you?


Titleist 917 Drivers delivers:

  • Maximum distance
  • Improved forgiveness
  • Precise adjustability for any player
  • Next level complete performance to maximise your confidence