200 years of striding through life…

Johnnie Walker is a well-established brand across the globe. By offering more than just the product, but the brand as a living thing, Johnnie Walker have been exceptionally successful for almost 200 years. When John Walker’s farther passed in 1819, he knew the times were not about to get any friendlier and strived to create his own grocer’s store using the money from the sale of the family’s farm. In the up and coming town of Kilmarnock, John Walker started blending whisky and when he passed in 1857, his son inherited a strong business. Thus; the birth of Johnnie Walker. By the time 1920 arrived, Johnnie Walker was more than present in 120 countries around the globe and managed to become part of many cultures. Many aspects seen in the bottles’ current appearance were already adopted during this, the 24 degree slanted label, square bottle and soon various colours identifying the types of whisky. Many features were implemented in this time that we see in the typical Johnnie Walker whisky bottle. These features play a role in promoting the product and brand in many ways.

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As far as one may recall, Johnnie Walker has always been effective in the way in which they promote their products and brand as a whole. They publish various forms of promotion which creates an image for the consumer. This image is one of class and elegance as one would think of antique items which coincides with their Scottish heritage. This is due to Johnnie Walker describing themselves as innovative as well as being able to stick to their roots which is perfecting various whisky blends which it has been doing since the 1800’s. Johnnie Walker is described as the pioneer in whisky and is the top whisky distributor worldwide, available in 180 or more countries.


  • Square bottles (for looks, sturdiness when being shipped across the globe & packaging).
  • 24 degree slant in the label to set it aside from the rest.
  • Various colours of whiskey, portrays class and elegance of their Scottish heritage.


“As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.”

Let Johnnie Walker teach you how to drink whisky.


The Company decided that they needed a face-lift in 1999 and started the well-known tagline: Keep Walking. The logo was changed which added character, but at the same time managed to preserve the original look of the Striding Man created by Tom Browne on the back of a lunch menu around 1910. The Striding Man logo is iconic and well known and by using this among other methods, Johnnie Walker was able to create techniques to deliver effective messages in the forms of radio adverts, newspaper adverts and articles, flyers, TV adverts and many other ways.



Although the promotional campaign only lasted a period of time, thus Johnnie Walker found themselves in need of another well-orchestrated promotional campaign. There was a major difference between now and 1999 however, a whole platform had grown and provided an exceptional method of delivering adverts and messages to consumers in the masses. The Internet was being utilized in many ways for marketing and was proven to be successful.

Johnnie Walker has made use of the internet in previous occasions by setting up a website and posting videos on YouTube. The campaign was to be launched simultaneously in 50 countries, which would reach 270 million consumers within the first week. The website is well maintained and provides just the right amount of information, such as their history, different products, how to serve the different types of whisky they offer. Many of the articles provide an interesting read and keep the viewer interested. Although simple, the website is displayed with effectiveness as there is no clutter of pictures and words, quick links or pop ups.

The Striding Man Logo.png

In addition to updating the website, Johnnie Walker released a new tagline in their promotional campaign: Joy Will Take You Further. Keep Walking. This was their focus of their adverts which highlights and emphasises progress, although with the addition of “Joy Will Take You Further”, passion is key to achieve the progress an individual (or a brand) desires.

This tagline is seen in the short clips released and the 90 second long video promotion. These clips all starred famous actors, inventors, artists and racers. The videos all showed the various famous people doing what they do best, but the advert displays to the viewer that progress will take one only so far, passion for what an individual does will ensure that failures will be overcome.



How Johnnie Walker can bring joy.

Tips and tricks from a professional.






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