ENERGADE released as the first Sports drink in South Africa, first became popular by its frequent use amongst SA cricket and rugby players, giving Energade an image associated with high performing sportsmen and woman (Energade.co.za, 2016). Energade has a fairly set target market; it is well directed at sportsmen and women or any individual who perform exercise on a fairly regular basis. Energade assists in the process of replacing vital electrolytes within your body, keeping you hydrated intra and post workout.

Target market:

Energade started within this market when it was still very small and fairly insignificant. Through its mark
eting campaigns and promotional activities such as sponsored sport events and emphasis on personal well being, this has contributed to the
significant growth within this lifestyle market. People have become increasingly aware and health conscioduvan-drinkingus, Energade team realized that the modern consumers are taking personal health more seriously today than at any other time in the past. Energade  realized that a big portion of their consumers exercise regularly and use Energade not with the emphasis on competitive sports, but rather combining exercise with Energade to live a more healthy lifestyle in general. It is for these particular target markets that Energade now officially released the new Energade LITE. Still replacing the vital electrolytes but with no added sugar. This means only 59kj per 100ml serving (Energade.co.za, 2016).



Marketing campaign:

Energade LITE is scientifically formulated to meet the needs of the large portion of the population who incorporate exercise for weight loss and an improved physique. Now with Energade LITE you can refuel, re-hydrate and replenish your body without extra sugar. Read more…

Integrated brand promotion tools:

The tools that Energade LITE will be marketed through are event sponsorship’s, television and internet advertising.

  1. Many people know that Energade sponsors South African teams but Energade LITE will have a different approach and will sponsor body building and weight lifting as we feel it will encourage people of that community to purchase the product more as it doesn’t have as much sugar in. Which should work well with their diets. Energade will be sponsoring the the Kearsney rugby festival
  2. Television Advertising and internet advertising are the other two integrated brand promotion tools that will be used to get our message across. Everyone watches television and therefore it will be easier to get people to notice the difference between the Energade LITE bottle and the normal Energade Bottle as one doesn’t pick up the difference in bottles straight away. People who live a healthy lifestyle would prefer to have Energade LITE as it will help with counting their kilojoule intake.
  3. Internet advertising will be used more for getting the new bottle imprinted in people’s mind as it comes in a different shape now.

The positives that come from an integrated brand promotion like this is that, it is very relevant with today’s society as everyone is trying to live a healthier lifestyle. People try their best to do some form of exercise daily and therefore Energade LITE is there to assist you in getting hydrated again and staying hydrated with the least amount of calorie intake.

energade-lite-2-cutSource: (http://www.energade.co.za/website/index.html, 2016)

By: Walter Melville, Duvan van Breda and Lebotse Kamogelo.


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