Did we mention free food?


As we’re sure you already know, McDonald’s is an international fast food chain, serving roughly 70 million customers daily. Founded in 1955 McDonald’s has quickly become the most successful fast food chain globally. McDonald’s can now be found within 119 countries worldwide. Sadly, what you may not know, makes things a tad more ‘McFiesty’. McDonald’s do not just serve food to your average consumer, they are a multi-million corporation that have a mission to be their customers’ favourite place to eat and drink.  Their mission therefore is to essentially change the lifestyle of the consumer, to make things easier and more convenient for the consumer while turning a profit for the corporate giant.


Being the magnificent enterprise which gives us the greatest fries, tastiest nuggets and sweetest McFlurrys, McDonald’s decided to introduce the “Pay With Lovin'” campaign. This campaign involved many McDonald’s franchises offering a free meal to customers who would ‘pay with lovin’ by making someone smile, hugging their friends, ‘fist-bumping’ the cashier or even simply phoning their respective mothers to say just how much they love them! Over $8 million was spent during this Personal Selling campaign excluding advertising and the rewards have been worth it! The positive feedback and joy brought to the consumers has travelled through social media and other platforms with a ripple effect to increase sales at the various franchises and improve relations.

This advertisement was broadcasted during one of the most expensive advertising events of the year: the US Super Bowl. The company conversed about hardships in the lives of many and how their campaign could bring a glimmer of joy into their lives and many were overwhelmed and ecstatic about such a caring and kind campaign. If this campaign managed to spread just a little bit of joy within the rushed and harsh world we live in, then we are definitely lovin’ it…. I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s slogan for those who still don’t get it).

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I am sure many of you had never heard of the “Pay With Lovin'” campaign, here are a few more things you may not have known about the brand behind the Golden Arches.

  1. McDonald’s sells roughly 75 hamburgers per second
  2. The iconic Golden Arches of McDonald’s are more widely recognised than the cross
  3. McDonald’s is the world’s largest toy distributor with one being included with roughly 15% of sales
  4. McDonald’s has employed roughly one out of every eight workers in the US at some point in time
  5. McDonald’s serves more than 5 billion burgers per year


Lovin’ Long Time 

McDonald’s has been around for a long time and with great campaigns like this I am sure they will be around for a long time to come. It really does pay to show that you care about the consumers, even if it is just one free meal to a multi-million dollar company, to the person receiving the free meal it could mean a whole lot more.

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