..it is long, satisfying, has nuts and you wish for it to last longer..

… yes, you got it right, we are talking about SNICKERS!

Most of you are familiar with the revolutionary Snickers campaign “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, launched in 2010. In this blog post we will elaborate on Snickers and their success story.

The big idea

You all know the situation when you are hungry, angry, weak, whinny, diva, or wacky – simply not you (…just sayin’ exams..).

In these situations, Snickers wants to be your knight in shining armour. To serve this purpose Snickers didn’t spare efforts in developing an outstanding campaign that definitely breaks through the clutter.

Campaign, Source: http://www.k-ting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/snickers.jpg

> Did you know that Snickers is named after the favourite horse of the Mars family?1


Snickers recognised that their customers needed to be reminded why, when and where they should get a Snickers.

The idea was to create an integrated marketing campaign that takes the state of hunger as central communication theme. Snickers and their agency came up with the idea that everybody knows the feeling of just not being themselves due to hunger and wanted to position them as the number one solution: Snickers.

This campaign enjoys not only great popularity in South Africa, but also worldwide, as it is used in over 40 countries. The main focus was to create salience globally, for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and culture.

> Snickers was introduced to the market in the 1930ies and it was available for 5 cents – can you imagine that?!1

Tools to fight hangryness

Within their campaign they have used a broad variety of promotional tools to cover all bases and attract their target audience in as many ways as possible. The following infographic serves as an illustration for the used channels.

Tools, Source: Own creation on the basis of Effie Awards 20132

>Each Snickers bar contains 16 peanuts to ensure the perfect amount of crunch – that’s impressive! 16 NUTS!1


With this funny campaign Snickers did not only aim to increase their brand awareness globally for all sorts of target groups, but also to:

  • Reverse declining sales
  • Penetrate household consumers (not the way you think!!)
  • Change association that Snickers is more than just a candy bar
  • Wants to be the first thought of customers when they are hungry
  • Position themselves on the chocolate bar market

> In 2007 to celebrate the release of the new Shrek 3 movie Snickers released a special edition Snickers with a green nougat layer. That’s crazy…1


Results, Source: Own creation on the basis of Effie Awards 20132

In the 12 following weeks after the launch of the campaign, Snickers was able to:

  • Increase volume sales by 8%
  • Increase single-sales by 13.4%
  • Sell over 700.000 bars more than in the year before the campaign
  • Increase search for “Snickers” on Youtube by 1,000%
  • Generate over 20 million views on Youtube
  • Create a massive word-of-mouth
  • Limit “hangryness” 😉

> Over 15 million Snickers bars are manufactured every day!1

In which situation are you hangry?

Make a screenshot of the following GIF to find out in which situation you get hangry and are in desperate need of a Snickers! Tell us the result in the comment section below!

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