Spar – we set the bar!

The Spar experience is available in 38 countries and has been present in South Africa for the last 51 years. Through the many years of experience across many nations and generations, we are able to assure you that the Spar brand can most definitely be win your heart over with the highest quality and shiniest smiles. The green tree logo speaks for itself!!

Spar has invested time and money into its distinct brand and the development of brand awareness. It is for this reason that we have realized the importance of health in today’s day and age and have integrated this fact into our brand promotion.

Are you shopping healthily?

Spar has always put our customer’s health and well being first…

Across the world consumers young and old, are blissfully unaware of their consumption choices and the rubbish that they put in their mouths. At Spar we have revolutionised your shopping experience through our extremely popular and successful health campaign.


Food labelling– a new promotional tool?? 

The real question is, how much is enough or how much is too much? 

Spar has taken prerogative in answering the above question very seriously, and has included a very helpful, quick and convenient labelling system on our packaging for the benefit of our consumers.

The Guidelines on Daily Amounts as shown below serves as a benchmark to informing customers of the percentage of their daily amounts and therefore empowering them in their purchase decision. In this way, Spar has kept its clients in mind in every possible way by placing high importance on consumerism. While shopping at Spar our loyal customers can have a constant smile knowing that they are purchasing products for which they are well informed. dsc_8003

The Food Doctor

Have you ever consulted a free dietitian and been told…. 

You interested right? Well, at Spar we have revolutionised the food purchasing industry as well as the medical field too!! As a Spar customer you are treated to an online dietetics consultation from one of our leading dietitians. This is all part of Spar’s integrated health promotion in an attempt to differentiate ourselves from our nasty and close competitors.

How does Spar really keep it healthy?

As a Spar client, we are well aware of your beautiful diversity and your varying needs… It is for this reason that Spar has cleverly provided, through its health campaign, for the needs of both the majority and the minority.


Who are our customers?

At Spar, we believe in a ‘never limit’ approach and provide for all. It is for this reason that Spar has tried to include every possible character in the book.

  • breast cancer survivors/sufferers
  • nutrition for children
  • food for diabetics
  • living with HIV
  • men’s health
  • food for the later years
  • food allergies
  • high blood pressure


Please feel free to watch our video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W401gFmEFhs