For the love of fashion:

The 99 year old Truworths company, which started out as the Alliance Trading Company, is now world renowned. Truworths is currently trading in 650 stores in South Africa and 40 stores in other parts of Africa. The Truworths International Retail Group incorporates brands such as YDE, Uzzi, Daniel Hechter, Inwear, Ginger Mary and Zeta. Truworths is a versatile store which provides various brands, not only for women, but for men and children as well. These brands include Truworths Man and LTD. Two of these brands have won awards at the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards. Identity won first price and Uzzi second for best local fashion brand 2016.

The company is run by the remarkable Micheal Mark, who does not stand back for any challenge or obstacle, proven by his bravery when he did the Ice Bucket challenge in front of a very large audience. Mark has a B.Comm and MBA degree, and has been with the company since 1991. He is joined by four other executive directors. The board of directors are firm believers that no matter what external circumstances are taking place; one is responsible for taking control of the factors that they can influence. This is brought to life in the company’s mission statement and vision.

Truworths strives to be a brand of fashion which is aspirational and innovative with adventurous blends of colour, fabric, value and fashion styling. A major asset in this pursuit has been the strength of the Truworths brand, which is shown by the innovative, South African interpretation of fashion trends and attractive styling. The philosophy of the company is upheld by their values, which they consider are very important to uphold the image of the brand. These values include:

  • innovation and energy.
  • open to learn and share.
  • investing in future potential.
  • courage to generate ideas.
  • generously recognizing leaders and members of the team.

Modern Romance:

The Truworths team has put together their creative ideas and brought the Modern Romance campaign to life. Modern romance takes classic elements such as ruffles, florals, lace and peplums and applies them to shapes that are geometric and exaggerated. The clothing line is gutsy yet elegant and glorious. The campaign also represents femininity that replaces dainty with drama.

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Truworths has used various mediums to portray this new fashion line. The company used television and printed adverts. The presenter and the singers on the hit television show Idols SA is dressed by Truworths and is clearly indicated at the beginning of every interval and at the end of the show. Truworths also used the television show for a series of television adverts promoting both the brand and the show. The internet was also a big part of the campaign, using various mediums such as the Truworths website, Instagram and blogs. The website has various features such as The Look, which is a magazine-type look at what is in store at that moment. Another feature is the Fashion Finder, where customers can use any product type or style to find stock in their correct size in their nearest store. On Instagram there is a Shop with Instagram and a homepage Instagram feed. These mediums help promote the campaign and made customers aware of the new clothing line. Truworths is one of the few retailers who use catalogues to promote their clothing. In the catalogue the modern romance line was highlighted and promoted.

The target market:

This campaign was a huge success as the sales of the company boosted and more individuals came into stores. The company was pleased with the response they got from the target market which is ladies across all ages and lifestyles. The target market for the campaign was specifically for youthful, modern, fashion-conscious women in South Africa. The clothing line portrayed a feeling of quality, looking and feeling attractive, successful and enthused. So if all else fails, be a romantic for the love of fashion.




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