For decades, Axe has been the staple choice of many pubescent males when it came to odour-reducing antiperspirants. However, for a multitude of these adolescents, this had more to do with how the brand was advertised, rather than its grooming properties.

The brand has long associated itself with an iconic take on masculinity. Labelling it “The Axe Effect”, the deodorant appealed to bros worldwide with its irresistible, chick-magnet inducing properties.

However, Axe has since caught-up with the contemporary notions of masculinity, and realised that there is an ever-changing perception on what it means to be a man.

The “Find Your Magic” campaign, created by 72andSunny in Amsterdam, portrays a new take on the modern man. The campaign celebrates individuality and uniqueness. It recognises that the rigid stereotypical take on manliness is being shunned by current-day males.

Research conducted for the new campaign found that women, in large majority, found men to be overwhelmingly more attractive when they are “being themselves”. The study also found that only 15% of men across 10 countries are willing to categorise themselves as attractive. The “Find Your Magic” slogan thus, aims to rectify this minority by encouraging the expression of individualism and being comfortable in one’s own skin.

“Who needs a six pack when you’ve got the nose?”

You most likely have seen the popular “Find Your Magic” ad which has been prevalent on YouTube. The video features a host of uniqueness and individuality – from a dancing man in high heels, to a dancing man in a wheelchair. The ad smashes through the metaphoric window of stereotypical masculinity, and like the Axe adverts of the past, still holds a touch of humour.


Super Bowl

The ground-breaking commercial also aired during the Super Bowl – considered one the biggest ad stages the world over, this was a big move for Axe.




The Twitter header for the official Axe Twitter page. What is evident is the continued expression of individuality.

Axe have also got celebrities such as John Legend (whose tweet can be seen on the Axe Twitter Timeline) on-board as part of the Axe Collective campaign. The campaign introduces new experiences and products with the intention of encouraging the modern man to express their own unique style.


In  a move to generate engagement with its consumers, Axe makes use of their Twitter page to feature characters and various personalities that embody their quest for celebrating individuality.

The page is followed by over 134 000 Twitter users, and is a vital source of engagement for the brand.

Users are encouraged to use the hashtag, Find Your Magic, and share their unique stories.



The new Instagroom series is designed to inspire men and give them the tools to achieve their own unique magic. Instagroom features 15 second videos that answer the most burning style and grooming questions men are searching for online to help them amp up their personal style.

Interestingly, in 2013 the amount of men searching online for hair tips surpassed that of women, and by a significant amount, at that – again, showing the evolution of the modern man.

The Range

The following products form part of the latest Axe range, offering a more premium range of grooming products designed to express individuality allowing for every man to look, feel and act at their most attractive.

  • The Axe Advanced Collection
  • Adrenaline
  • Urban
  • Signature

These products offer a variety of benefits including fragrance-release, anti-odor, and anti-marks technology.

Axe understands that the modern day man depicts a series of many different types of masculinity and suggests that “finding your magic” can be through anything from growing a bushy beard to dancing in high heels. Men all have their own unique “thing” – and this is not a reference to one’s anatomy. Within every man there is something special that makes them attractive to the world, and more importantly, unique. Whether it’s their walk, their talk, their smile or their style – it’s their magic.

What’s your magic?