The hustle of life got you down? The daily grind just never ending? Hunters has one thing to say, ‘Bring the heat’.


The crisp, refreshing taste of Hunters can quench the thirst of the most parched ‘China’, cooling any heated situation.Introduced in 1998, the taste of the real, natural cider was love at first gulp for the majority of consumers. It soon became a familiar favorite along the pool side, the beach, on the golf course, or just as an ingredient to spark banter between the boys. It can be spotted in any liquor store or during any night out, however not confined to anything, Hunters can and will be enjoyed at all times. Boasting rights are owed to a surplus of awards, namely their position as The Sunday Times Top cider winner for 3 consecutive years, along with numerous other awards which enhances the brands humorous and cocky attitude. What can you expect from Hunters? An award winning cider with an award winning taste.


Dr. Fez, the cool new cure.


Hunters’ new ‘Bring the Heat’ Campaign refreshingly incorporates the new face of the brand Fezile Mhkize, the winner of the ‘Be the China’ campaign. Dr. Fez, as he likes to be called, proved himself to be the most legit ‘China’ and took over from the brand ambassador of 9 years, Thapela Mokoena. Hunters attempted to find a new personality that represented the cider as the real, natural and authentic drink that it is. They moved away from the traditional desert setting and into a more relatable, urban setting that portrays how hunters has the ability to help consumers cope with the ‘heat’ and struggles of everyday life.

Peoples drive and motivation to deal with “heated” situations is often hampered with negative attitudes, therefore Hunters attempts to bring back the fun and happiness of every day hustle. The campaign aims to demonstrate that no matter the “heat” of the situation, a refreshing Hunters Cider can always improve and “cool” it down.

A Hunters a day keeps the thirst away.

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The Hunters motto, “Refreshes like nothing on earth”, is still successfully embedded in the new ‘Bring the Heat’ campaign. The idea that’s successfully communicated is that in the heat of a moment, or the hustle of urban life, there is nothing like a Hunters to refresh and reset everything.  According to Distell’s Global Marketing Manager for Hunter’s, Maijaliina Hansen: Hunter’s believes that it is helping South Africans have a rejuvenated perspective. They motivate individuals to take life’s curve-balls and remain upbeat and positive.

img_3918Hunters prior campaign was modeled around the idea of escaping the desert heat. The resonance and association consumers felt with the brand was not sturdy due to the unrealistic nature of the desert theme. The new ‘bring the heat’ campaign is more relatable to every day cider drinker, in the sense that the adverts have moved away from the unrealistic island vacations and fireworks in the deserts, to daily urban scenarios that are more applicable to normal people.

Hey  China, can you handle the heat?

Hunters effectively segments the market using a combination of both demographic and geographic strategies, communicating it through use of:

  • TV commercials
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Digital media
  • Trade executions

img_3912-1Demographic segmentation allows Hunters to target an audience which is made up of younger adults (18-25). Due to the fact that Hunters is an alcoholic beverage, it is illegal to be sold to individuals younger than 18 years old, thus the market is partially segmented already. Alcohol’s, particularly ciders, advertising schemes are dictated by the younger adult populations owing to the fact that the ‘jolling’ and ‘chilling’ lifestyle is far more attractive to this demographic. With young active adults who constantly face daily challenges, the ‘Bring the heat’ campaign aims to bring back the spark and fire of everyday joys in life.

Press play and bring the heat, cheers China!


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