“I am a king for I know how to rule myself.”

Being a king takes courage, dedication and perseverance.

To achieve greatness you need to train.

A king is the sum of all his effort and all his training. A great king is the sum of everything he does in the darkness. A great king beats all the odds.

  – Under Armour understands this –

..and this is why YOU are the Under Armour type:

Under Armour targets all athletes,  who are driven and want to be fitter and better at their sport. They target athletes that embrace social media as a platform to share stories of their achievements and that embrace the technological tools where they can be informed of amazing brands and products.

They are likely to have smart phones and be connected on Facebook and Instagram. If you are a sport-smart, life-loving,  adventure-seeking, active-living, human being then you are the Under Armour type!


Under Armour:  Where it all started

This brand is currently ranked #2 in the hyper-competitive US sportswear market, overtaking Adidas in 2014. It is an American sports clothing and accessories brand that has come a long way, They started out in 1966 in Baltimore and it has since been a brand that has supported many successful athletes on their road to greatness

Their “Rule Yourself” campaign  was created by the advertising agency Droga5.The 15th century quote “I am a King, therefore I know how to rule myself” inspired Under Armour. Based on the creative insight “you are the sum of all your training,” a series of film, print, social, and retail ads were created that together can be seen as a prime example of Integrated Brand Promotion.

source: droga5.com

They used four amazing athletes at the top of their game to make the campaign great:

  • Misty Copeland (ballerina)
  • Jordan Speith (golf star)
  • Stephen Curry (NBA MVP)
  • Tom Brady (New England Patriots’ quarterback).

An army of clones training and practicing in perfect and mesmerising unison was featured in the ads. The idea is bigger than just “practice makes perfect” each version of the athlete represents a moment in time of the athlete’s training.

It represents every minute of every drill, every drop of sweat and aching muscle; and it shows the world that being an athlete is not just a glamorous career.

If you haven’t come across the tagline #RuleYourself, it can be found on almost every Under Armour social media platform. Along with the hashtag is a rule that the athlete follows that can serve as an inspiration.

Integration of the tools:

Across all promotional platforms Under Armour has kept their message clear and simple: you are the sum of all your training, so rule yourself. catchy tagline were also used; for example “Rule: Work when no one is watching” and “Rule: I will earn the world’s respect.” There is no confusion or unrelated chatter, this has enabled Under Armour to break through the noise and perceptual defences.

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How did UA create widespread brand exposure?

Integrated Brand Promotion aims to enhance communication and relationships with customers and clients,  addressing the audience in ways to encourage publicity and profitability.

What better way to encourage publicity than to post beautiful photos of strong and inspirational athletes?

-Or- to ask consumers for their own personal rules that govern their training and then share them on the official Twitter page?

Under Armour has managed to get their target market involved and thinking about their brand and the Rule Yourself campaign. Here is the a video uploaded by Stellenbosch students themselves.


If you Rule Yourself, comment #IWILL at the bottom and join the Under Armour army.