Bleep bleep!

Every head in the dining hall turns in sympathy… You completely forgot to book your resident meal. The disappointment is clear on your face accompanied with an anxious growl in your tummy… But, not quite as colossal as the lingering question of

What am I going to eat?!”


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Experienced this misfortune? We have the solution! Remember those snazzy, quick food tutorials on Facebook? These videos form part of a campaign by Buzzfeed called Tasty.

In 2015, it was nearly impossible to scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing a hyper lapse video of a mouth-watering food creation. This social media micro-campaign was so superior, most users did not even realize it was a micro-campaign. Tasty was born from the introduction of Facebook’s auto play video feature without sound, and the rest is viral history!

Let’s spill Tasty’s beans!

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Buzzfeed combined the key ingredients of 2015 social media success with what we know about millennials (also known as Generation Y) and the evolving virtual landscape: shrinking attention spans and the expectancy of instantaneous delivery. The rush of gifs, listicles and micro videos (Vines and Instagram) prove our urgent new trend of distributing information digitally. They even attract the eco-friendly enthusiasts with their clean-water campaign.

Tasty started in July 2015 and grew ever since. The page has almost 70 million likes only on Facebook and 2.2 billion views in March 2016. Tasty also took over Instagram and gathered 4.8 million followers and 296000 followers on Twitter.

What’s cooking, Tasty?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/photos

Tasty uses Facebook videos to create a fast-moving videos to hold users’ attention. The background music emphasizes the speed and simplicity of the recipes used. These short videos are ideal for anyone who just wants to sit back and admire the creativity of the brand or to find something quick and easy to create.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasty

Tasty relies on the number of shares and views the videos receive. They achieve this by their diverse distribution of a Tasty profile on almost every form of social media. Facebook is the most common page used to share and view these trailer-like videos.

One click on the share button and all of your Facebook friends can view the video without searching for it themselves. And they too can share the video with their Facebook friends.

It’s a chain reaction, paving the road to success!

But, how does this help YOU?

Back to the point… When you don’t know what to eat, simply open your browser and type “TASTY”. These videos will not devour your last bit of Inetkey and do not need sound (no awkward class fails when you play a video by accident!).

Pstttt… Summer’s around the corner, want something to punch your taste buds? Try this Pineapple Lime punch!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/videos/1794847027434605/

When life hands you lemons…

(How to use Tasty)

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On any of the social media platforms, Tasty is an easy-to-use page that allows you to treat your eyes and mind with a kaleidoscope of deliciously easy recipes. Follow these simple steps on the user-friendly website:

  • Search “Tasty” on Google;
  • Click on the “Tasty on BuzzFeed” link;
  • Select your mood or type of recipe you’re searching for;
  • Indulge in the joy these videos will bring you!

Greatest invention since sliced bread?

Tasty can attribute their success to two things:

  1. The content.
  2. Tasty has exploded on Facebook as the content is tailor-made for that platform.

Tasty uses a fresh approach by publishing content directly to social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram, rather than posting links to stories on Buzzfeed.com. They are very unconventional by their lack of interest in driving traffic back to their website. Buzzfeed has many platforms to make money on with its native ads. It does not have to rely on Facebook or YouTube to sell ads, because its ads look just like content.


Source: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/branding

“The whole idea is about food and beverage, so its natural organic integration of brands into the environment,” says Frank Cooper, Buzzfeed’s chief marketing officer.




Have some fun with us!!

Take your pizza knowledge for a spin here!

Or grab a friend and try creating your own tutorial video in your free time.

 Students describe to us what Tasty means to them:

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 Tasty food for thought…

Join the Tasty generation!

We speak the language of your growling tummy… Comment below and let us know what’s cooking.

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