Ducati. Passion. Power. Emotion. The essence of Italian style and quality. What moves you? This might…

The brand-Ducati- dates back to 1926, celebrating 90 years of passion, quality and performance. And whether you need a super bike, scrambler or adventure bike – there is always room for another Ducatista in the Ducati family. And what a family to be part of!

The campaign we want to draw your attention to is the World Ducati Week 2016. This was a mass gathering of Ducatisti (fans) from all over the world. What is World Ducati Week? Check out this video:

As seen in the video the Ducati family consist of young and old. Their target market ranges from ages 18 to 50. Only 20% of the motorcycles are sold on Italian soil. While 80% of sales are exported, with North America as an important focus point.


“Ducati is a brand that thrives on the passion of its enthusiasts. As a Marketing professional, it’s a constant reminder of what we can achieve on and off the track.”    – Ducati Marketing Manager.

Ducati’s main choice of promotion tools, which works effectively for them, is digital technology and hosting events.

Ducati has developed a strong interactive online platform called the Ducati community. This online platform enables Ducati fans to share the Ducati lifestyle in its truest form, on and off the road. The Ducati community gives fans the opportunity to connect via the website and social media, where interactive discussions and communication takes place.

The World Ducati Week event is where Ducati lovers meet, partake in parades, meeting the Ducati official riders for an autograph, or to watch them ride a solemn lap of honour, participating in the numerous contests, all with a Ducati theme, and watching breath-taking exhibitions such as stunt riders and drifters.

The positive aspects of Ducati’s IBP campaign are clear. The 2016 edition of the World Ducati Week had over 81, 000 participants from 66 different nations around the world. The success of the event is not just from the numbers but rather the growing anticipation, media coverage, increasing brand loyalty and market share that the event cultivates.


It is important that Ducati keeps its current position in the market and continue to set new trends by being innovative to remain seen as one of the leaders in motorcycle racing brands in the world. Ducati’s IBP campaigns are effective, yet there is always room for improvement and developing the brand name and creating brand awareness.