Hudsons is a american contemporary style diner which is famous for its burgers and beers. It is highly focused on fresh produce and a variety of options such as gluten free and vegetarian burgers. It is also a very good example of a company who has used a variety of promotional tools to effect its brands exposure, image and personality to the public. “Read More”.
Hudsons burger joint has used multiple forms of media, sales promotion, and product line extensions to depict its hip and vibey atmosphere and gourmet diner style food at a reasonable price. Hudsons have used multiple media platforms such as posters, Facebook, twitter and instagram to create and maintain brand awareness. As well as monthly specials that entice consumers with variety and originality such as this years 2016 “The Burger Olympics” August promotion. Hudsons not only keeps up its diner american contemporary brand personality through media presence and originality through sales promotions but also through extending its brand into clothing. Not only does this provide an extra means of revenue through additional acquired customer base but also helps to promote the brand image through the people being seen wearing the branded clothing as well as promote the brand image in displaying the style of the brand through the clothing style.
The Hudsons brand is one that expresses its personality on all with no biases, accompanying for American traditional food, burgers, diner food, vegetarian selections as well as special considerations for gluten free and others. in this way it brings people together regardless of preference which is further supported by its friendly and welcoming staff and upbeat happy atmosphere.
Therefore due to:
1. The Hudsons brands effective use of a variety of forms of media to create and maintain brand awareness.
2. Use of original and consumer trend driven sales promotions and campaigns to stimulate trial use.
3.Hudsons brand extensions into clothing building brand awareness, revenue and expressing brand image and personality.
4.Their general effectiveness at providing a service in a conducive environment.
It is clear to assume Hudsons through the above mentioned has made a successful effort in using a wide variety of promotional tools to express their brands happy, american style, hip and driven personality.


Personaly if you want my opinion on the chain in general.
Ok first of all the foods great, burgers are so good and there are so many different options it makes making a decision on what to eat quite a complex one. And if you don’t like burgers, but you should love burgers, but if you don’t like burgers then there’s a nice selection of pizzas and amazing tapas.
Then there’s the MILKSHAKES!!! These things are amazing they come in goblets with heaps of brownie bits, cookies or whatever flavour you’d decided to indulge yourself in, sitting on top of one of the biggest milkshakes you’ve ever seen in your life.14355578_1811624865734635_4561517540044870450_n