As the launch of the New iPhone 8 approaches, thousands of Apple consumers are already planning ahead as to how they will be getting their hands on the newly-released device. At first, it seemed ridiculous that anyone would feel the need to camp outside an iStore or wake up at 4 AM just to be able to get the latest Apple product. BUT as Apple takes a leading position as one of the coolest brands in the world, who can blame these loyal Apple fans for being fully committed to the products they love?

So what is it that brings about this army of Apple supporters?


Firstly, and probably the most important aspect of Apple’s functionality, is that they have managed to create products that are extremely easy to use. With continually evolving technology it is important for us users to be able to adapt to new technology and Apple has allowed just that. What’s even better than the product’s user-friendliness, is that Apple has created devices that integrate with one another, not only from an appearance perspective, but also from a software convenience point of view, through iCloud. iCloud is one of the main reasons why consumers choose Apple as their number one technology brand, because the biggest advantage is that you cab use it to back up and restore data on any of your Apple devices. This allows access to important data such as photos, contacts and apps that may have been lost, because let’s face it we’ve all been through the heartbreak of losing an iPhone…

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Jet-black


Apple has achieved a very unique and well-known image. All of their products are seen as elegant and sophisticated. Their products can be identified as an apple from any angle. If a new product is released, many individuals would be able to recognise it as an apple product even if it wasn’t branded. Soon apple will be releasing the iPhone 8, one of the most anticipated phones to date. The rumours about what it will look like, as well as multiple leaks, have caused Apple fans around the world to get really excited and rightly so! With rumours of:

  • Wireless charging
  • No home button
  • A glass body
  • Edge to edge display and
  • Possible facial recognition,

it’s no surprise that Apple consumers just can’t get enough!

IMG_7043 2.JPG
MacBook Air


Apple is a brand that aims to make life easier in whatever way possible for all its consumers. Accessibility is one of Apple’s core values as Apple hopes to make a difference in the lives of consumers with disabilities. Apple also recognise the significance of education and see their brand as a way to enhance the way children learn. Apple also form part of Obama’s ConnectEd campaign. With the effects of climate change becoming more evident, Apple strives to make the world a better place by using alternative sources (wind, solar and hydro) to generate power and 99% of the packaging for their products is made up of recycled waste. Apple believe that new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things which is why Apple employs staff from all around the world to form inclusion and diversity. Apple strives for long-standing customer relationships and sees consumer privacy as a fundamental basis for life-long consumers. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the consumers and the employees at Apple, but also the suppliers. Top quality products require top suppliers which is why Apple aids in training, providing information and skills so that the best products can be made.

“What is Apple, after all? Apple is about people who think ‘outside the box,’ people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just to get a job done.” 

Steve Jobs

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