Are you insecure?

Axe might be your cure.

Axe is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to marketing and advertising. Everyone can remember the famous ads of men being chased by dozens of girls after having sprayed on Axe. But this year they turned the wheel completely and they reinvented themselves and gave a new definition to masculinity.
Axe was by all means a brand that used to promote the classic masculine stereotype. In all their ads they showed a ‘loser’ who suddenly turned into a young adonis when he used Axe deodorant. But their new campaign “Is it Ok ForGuys?” shows how men are struggling with male stereotypes. 

The ad starts with actual Google searches that reveal just how anxious men feel about adhering to social norms. “Is it ok to be skinny?” “Is it ok to not like sports?” “Is it ok to experiment with other guys?” “Is it ok for guys to wear pink?” “Is it ok to be depressed?”. Apparently these are the most frequently searched questions by guys. Axe has used this information very cleverly. Axe has redefined the concept of confidence for young males. Instead of linking confidence with masculinity they now use self expression. Axe really hits the nail on the head with this campaign since this is a very hot topic. Sexual preference, gender neutrality, being different, finding yourself and many more similar issues have increasingly become topics of discussion over the last couple years. Thoughts about masculinity nowadays are going through massive changes. More than even are men rejecting the fixed male stereotype and looking for other ways of self expression.

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Unilever, the company behind Axe, explains their new approach. With their market research they discovered that more than half of the guys they asked are afraid of looking different for fear of being labelled and judged. The research also showed that 59 percent of men believe they should act strong even though they feel scared or afraid. And nearly 50 percent wouldn’t ask for help when they feel insecure or are in trouble. So they developed a new company mission: to destroy the limiting labels that hold guy back in being their true selves.

The essence of their message is that there is not just one way to be a man. Every man is unique, and decides on himself how he should behave, what he likes and how he dresses. This is a huge contrast with the previous message that Axe used to promote their brand. No longer do you have to be a young adonis, but every man is unique and attractive in his own way.

Axe also did research among women and 90% find guys more attractive when they’re being themselves instead of trying to be stereotypically manly. In fact 57% would prefer a ‘unique and different’ guy instead of the traditional manly man. These findings should increase male confidence in being true towards yourself. According to Axe:

“Guys should be their own man. On their own terms. Without pressure from anyone else. No right. No wrong. No labels”.

Axe was famous for their creative humorous advertising in the past. They created goodwill all over the world. However, a new era has arrived. Times have changed, and Axe was forced to change as well. They have done this with a striking marketing campaign that should appeal to everyone. Don’t let other people affect you in your behavior! Do not worry about their judgements! Believe in yourself! Encourage yourself to be who you are!