Think FOOD, think FIRE, think LIFE

Le Creuset’s cookware creates a flare of passion that belongs solely in the kitchen.

Little Charlie’s story

Little Charlie craved the comfort of his mom more than ever; she was away at a business conference for the week. He had just had a rough day at school as the older kids stole his lunch once again. It was the third time this week.

Riding home on the bus, he dropped his head to face his tummy as it growled and rumbled with hunger. Why would they pick on him? Why can’t they eat their own lunch? It just didn’t make sense.

Walking along the pathway home, he dreaded the thought of facing his father who repeatedly told him to stand up for himself. He would just pretend like nothing had happened.

As he opened the door, he smelt the perfumes of his mom’s famous lemon and parsley rack of lamb; it couldn’t be!

He sprinted to the kitchen as fast as his little legs could take him to see his mom by the stove with her bright coloured pots, and her warm smile that instantly brought Charlie to tears.

She picked up her little boy with a hug only a mother can give, and said: “You must be starving, go wait in the dining room. I’ll bring though your favourite dish now.”

Little Charlie’s story is not unique; Le Creuset’s bright coloured pots are made to stick around for all the special memories and moments your family will encounter in their lifetime.

How do they do it?

The backbone of a Le Creuset product is durability, which is the justification of the premium price asked for the product. Le Creuset has thus succeeded in integrating the three key characteristics of their products (quality, reliability and functionality) into a product which is sold at a premium price, at which customers are happy to pay.

The main positive effect of Le Creuset’s IBP efforts is that customers are provided with a premium product at a suitable premium price. The brand is also true to its beliefs and strives to accomplish their goals through creating joy in cooking. Le Creuset thus promotes their brand in a way that communicates key characteristics to their customers and evokes emotions that create a positive impression on the target market.

Le Creuset’s cast-iron pots


Furthermore, Le Creuset’s constant message regarding the outstanding quality of their products, continually takes on competitors and Le Creuset is successful in maintaining a large market share because of their accurate and effective IBP efforts. Companies often rely heavily on their public relations to maintain a certain strategy.

By informing the public of the positive aspects of the brand, such as employee achievement, corporate contributions to the community, and the organisation’s social and environmental programs; the company can succeed in creating a positive image of the brand.

Le Creuset has developed into a brand that is synonymous with quality. Not only have they created a product that addresses various needs in the culinary world, but also a product that has become truly trusted by their customers. This trust is the essence of Le Creuset’s brand as their dishes are made to share in your family’s memories, and be passed through generations.

Watch the magic be captured within a Le Creuset pot in the following video link…


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An original photo showing Claire Delaney Bolstridge and her son, Levi (11), cooking a family lunch together using Le Creuset’s bright coloured pots.  Yet again, showing how Le Creuset’s cookware brings families together and creates special lifetime memories.