We have all experienced the rumbling in our tummies screaming for a scrumptious, mouthwatering and well-seasoned Burger King burger. Being the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world, even a one-year-old can pronounce the word ‘Whopper’ these days. But what exactly is Burger King offering to YOU?

Burger King South Africa

Burger King arrived on the South African shores in May 2013 and quickly started building their empire across the country up to 28 current stores spread across the nation. They plan to keep contributing to the South African economy by opening new stores and creating more jobs, according to their website. The site explains how Burger King came into existence, fresh offers, store locator, and even a picture description of how the Whopper burger is made.

The Boerewors Burger

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Burger King is known across the globe but caters for the domestic market like the tasty Boerewors Burger now selling in South African stores. This burger is the solution when your taste buds are craving boerewors and a burger.

Why Burger King?

Burger King’s slogan says it all: “Be Your Way”. Scrapping its 40-year slogan of “Have it Your Way”, Burger King managed to make its approach to its customers even MORE personal. BK offers a revamped menu which includes a burger and meal for every mood you may find yourself in, may it be healthy, in a hurry, famished or just plain picky.

What mood are you in?

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Burger King doesn’t only cater your every need, it does so in an affordable way. Being a student, this is a vital part in obtaining my loyalty as a customer. Using Burger King’s latest promotion as an example, it is evident that they outplayed even their strongest competitors in affordability. BK recently introduced the most whopping sale in its history, asking only R29.90 for a full meal. This captures the attention of the more price sensitive buyers and together with Burger King’s well-established image of satisfying every customer’s individual needs, they have a recipe for success.

The different layers of the burger

A good King listens to its people. Interact with the King and keep up with the latest news and offers to the people with one of the following social media platforms:

These layers aren’t the only ingredients used to communicate the message of The King. Check out their latest TV ad, launching the Chicken Tendercrisp as part of their #FreshAndFancy campaign which amplifies their diverse customer market in South Africa.

Burger King personnel are well trained and open to suggestions from customers. BK in Pretoria has a customer who regularly orders a Whopper burger with nine patties!!

A Whopper with nine patties.

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It is clear that there is a meal for everyone at Burger King; whether you are a mother, a teacher, or a monk in the Himalayas. Soccer fans can support the BK sponsored Amajita team or kids can enjoy the Defend The King game. Burger King relates to every lifestyle, culture, age, and occasion – which justifies why Burger King is the second largest hamburger brand in the world.