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Whatever you’re into, get into Heineken (best read when sober). 

When it comes to advertising, Heineken knows how it’s done. In the new Heineken campaign “Worlds apart’’, this fact is emphasized once more while Heineken takes the word advertising to a whole new level.

Although, calling it advertising, does not do this campaign justice. Heineken shows how a short film can bring people together better than ever before. They really put the saying “opposites attract” to the test when they invite two strangers to work together and build a bar. They assume they have been put randomly together; they slowly get acquainted and are surprised to find common ground. That is, until their true views on feminism, climate change and LGBT rights are brought to light through a TV screen in the room.

In anticipation of this bombshell, the pairs are then to decide whether to leave, or talk over their differences while enjoying a cold beer. Positively, the pairs all decide to hassle out their differences over a beer where the unique characteristics of each person come to light.

This magnificent mixture of beer and politics smoothly represents Heineken’s brand values, leaving its viewers speechless after watching it. Ending the promotion with the simple words: “Open your world’’ Heineken brilliantly conveys the message of unity through binding us by our differences. Simultaneously, they tackle some of the most sensitive political problems on a neutral manner engaging their consumers in the debate while encouraging them to come together and get along:

“People don’t drink beer. They drink marketing.”

Freddy Heineken

Not impressed yet? Let’s see if after the following campaign you still won’t think Heineken is the most awesome beer brand ever.

Imagine this – you are strolling through one of the busiest airports in the world: New York, JFK airport. Trying to find your way through the crowd to the check-in counter, you can already see the waiting queue from miles away. In front of you, a dozen of Asian people have just stopped and are blocking your way with their identical, travel-handy suitcases. From a distance, you hear a disturbing crying sound of a baby and immediately you start praying that this family won’t be sitting next to you. Just when you  think about reconsidering your traveling plans, a huge green screen appears right in front of you, saying: Drop everything. Push button. Commit to. #DROPPED. This screen is so extraordinary that it takes you by surprise and you cannot resist to have a look. A friendly-looking lady, dressed in a Heineken dress, approaches you and asks if you dare to play the most exciting game ever: The Departure Roulette.

The concept of this game? Press the red button on the Heineken screen and a random destination will pop-up immediately. Your initial destination will then be traded for this new one; you will receive your new boarding pass instantly and you are ready to take-off! #DROPPED The best thing about this game? Heineken has already paid for it all!

You can’t believe Heineken did this for real? Watch the next video and your mind will be blown:

Still not convinced that Heineken is the most extraordinary and mind-blowing beer brand in the world, who lets your dreams come true and have you hassle your opinions over the best premium quality beer? Have a trip to JFK airport or London and see for yourself!

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Source: https://goo.gl/ZXH3dx