Before Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, there was Nike.

Nike is everywhere. And so is its iconic Swoosh symbol. Over the years Nike has grown into one of the most popular brands in the world.

  • 1964 ⇒ Nike was first found as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight with a starting amount of $1,200.
  • 1971 ⇒ Nike puts rubber sole of shoe on a waffle iron press and the idea of a grooved patornsole was born.
  • 1972 ⇒ Ilie Nastase was the first athlete to sign at Nike.
  • 1980 ⇒ Nike designs the first shoe that can be used on a grass surface.
  • 1987 ⇒ Nike’s advertisement lyrics for the new Air Max shoes was written by the Beatles.
  • 1988 ⇒  Nike’s slogan, “Just do it”, was inspired by a serial killer’s, Gary Gilmore, last words.
  • 1990 ⇒  The first Nike store opend in Poland.
  • 1993 ⇒ Nike’s Giant-A-Shoe program was launched with a view to a greener environment.
  • 1996 ⇒ Nike  is called the Marketer of the Year by Advertising Age.                                      ⇒ Nike’s revenue turns at $ 6.74 billion.
  • 2002 ⇒ Nike buys shares of the surf brand called  Hurly.
  • 2012 ⇒ Nike gives work to over 44,000 people world wide.
  • 2014 ⇒ Nike is valued at $ 19 billion, and regarded as the most valuable brand.
  • 2016 ⇒ Apple announces partnership with Nike for Apple Watch Nike+.

The following video was made by Stellenbosch students on a normal day on campus.


What makes Nike a truly integraded brand?


Integrated branding is not optional. It is impossible to achieve success otherwise. Nike has a distinct advantage over their competitors because of their IBP approaches.

Nike work extremely hard in their marketing strategies and that is one of the primary reasons behind their success. They do large campaigns associated with sport stars such as, Rafael Nadal and Michael Jordan. Some of their other campaigns they have launched is:

  • Nike marathon kids
  • Nike Play International
  • Nike Children Sport foundation
  • China Educations development
  • China foundation for poverty
  • Peaceplayers international
  • NIKE N7

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Nike have always been known to use sports persons as their brand ambassadors. Serena Williams were one of Nike’s top ambassadors when she became the 2016 Wimbledon Champion . Consistent with their commitment to sports , they are now celebrating the first transgender man to be on a US national team. Nike’s new Ad title, Unlimited courage, is a novel and unique promotion of spirit of sports and of the transgender Community. Through this Nike demonstrates their strong belief and commitment to society. By promoting this highly popular social topic , the brand attempts to remain consistent and also create a unique recall in the minds of millions of sports lovers and the transgender community. Nike’s campaigns also features several female athletes. So what we see here is a strong emphasis on core values of societal causes that the brand stands for. The fact that Rafael Nadal and his playing partner Marc Lopez had won gold for Spain , wearing Nike sneakers, was an icing on the cake for their Nikes’s vision.

By continually investing significantly in brand building exercise, Nike has maintained and increased its brand value. They spent more than $8 Billion in 2016 on marketing. Nike’s market share is number one in the athletic footwear industry. Their catch phrases like, “Just Do It”, and symbols like the Nike “Swoosh”, serve as instant reminders of the Nike Empire.

Phil Knight’s, co-founder of Nike, core philosophy speaks for the entrepreneurial spirit in general:

“We were trying to create a brand… but also a culture. More than a product, we were trying to sell an idea — a spirit.”

Rise. RUN. Rest. Repeat  (Shapin, 2015)

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