Do you really know what beauty costs?

At the Body Shop each product is carefully crafted from only the purest ingredients, from a compassionate company with the biggest heart. As you open the lid, your senses are met with a sensational burst of aroma infused with moisture that enriches your body, skin and soul.

Since 1976 The Body Shop has never failed to uphold its empowering, passionate, and socially responsible brand image. The Body Shop has become a true innovator in the field of ethical and natural beauty.


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At the beginning…

Since its existence, the Body Shop has always developed powerful and profound ways to engage with its customers. Their strong ethical beliefs and values pave the way for hard-hitting campaigns and activism that sheds light on what is truly happening in our current world. Their first campaign in collaboration with Greenpeace was called Save the Whale, and  was aimed to promote jojoba oil as an alternative to sperm whale oil in cosmetics. Since then the Body Shop has become a campaign dynamite, igniting the public’s awareness through multiple other campaigns including,

  • Stop Sex trafficking campaign,
  • HIV and AIDS awareness campaign
  • Stop the burning of Brazilian rainforests campaign
  • The Ruby self-esteem campaign
  • Make your mark campaign
  • Bio-Bridge project

Yet their most successful campaign to date, lies in the hearts of all animal lovers and activists of animal rights… it is their Cruelty free Animal Ban. In collaboration with Cruelty Free International and the petition signatures of thousands of people, The Body Shop succeeded in establishing a European Union ban on animal testing in 2013. This truly says a lot about their willingness to promote beauty without cruelty.


”Be daring, be first, be different, be just.”

-Annita Roddick

Socially conscious through social media…

18738875_10155252676459647_5209695539047980944_oThe Body Shop truly reflects its natural and ethical essence through all its social media platforms. Scattered across their social media are images and pictures that show natural hues and colors such as neutrals, nudes, light shades of pinks and browns. These subtle colors reflect the natural nature of the body shop. The images mainly include make-up free, naturally glowing woman who are not altered or photo-shopped in any way.   This truly enhances the ‘Love your body’ mantra of the brand.

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Value through loyalty…

The Body Shop is a brand about empowering woman so why not have a ‘Love Your Body’ loyalty card which is available to all customers. This card has countless benefits including 10% discount at every purchase, a free skin and makeup consultation and emails that let you know about brand new products. The Body Shop even goes the extra mile to make their customers feel extra special on their birthday with a R 50 voucher. In addition to this, The Body Shop is well- known for its incredible 3 for 2 special deal. At the beginning or end of certain seasons, the Body Shop advertises this promotion where three products can be bought and you will get the cheapest one absolutely free with the use of your loyalty card. Through this is the body Shop maintains its reputation of quality, but still giving its customers value for their money.

In our current world where people struggle to make a difference, the Body Shop promotes the ideology that by simply switching the beauty products that you use, this can make the biggest impact of all. By supporting The Body Shop brand, you are contributing to a cause that values animals, people and the planet as a whole.



Watch the video below to see what the Body Shop truly encompasses…