Have you ever had that moment when your stomach is growling from hunger?

it’s finger lickin’ good

KFC has the perfect fix to fill your growling stomach. With a variety of mouth-watering meals to satisfy every appetite. It can be rather tempting to stop at a KFC restaurant to buy a burger meal or streetwise 3 after seeing KFC’s promotional billboards.

Why not “Add Hope”?

KFC not only drives its advertisements to generate sales, but to encourage charitable donations through the use of the “Add Hope” initiative. According to Yum.com 2016, a generous $3.7 million US Dollars was donated to this initiative by consumers of KFC and because of this, South Africa was able to feed over 100 000 children per day. This initiative surely gives the brand a more credible outlook in the eyes of the public as KFC is helping the less fortunate. Just add R2 to your bill next time you order a meal and you’ll get the satisfaction of filling that hole in your tummy and doing a good deed.

Joy of Add Hope…

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Family Values

As we all know, KFC is no stranger to the fast-food industry competing with other popular franchises such as McDonald’s and Nando’s, but what sets them apart? No, it’s not just the secret recipe that draws customers attention but the experience and memories created. With KFC, families are valued. Imagine yourself coming back home from a long day of work and feeling tired but still having to prepare supper for the family, at KFC this can be solved. Not only will you feel satisfied and want more but your children will have a smile on their faces. As seen on numerous KFC adverts on television, children are able to receive the full KFC experience, with play areas allowing them to release all that extra energy while still under the watchful eyes of parents. KFC is definitely the ideal place to host children’s birthday parties.

Family time with KFC

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By utilizing billboards on roads close to shopping centres or posters within the shopping centres, KFC are able to display their awesome deals on their meals and introduce new delicious products that are sure to satisfy everyone’s food needs.

Customer Interactivity

While many of you know of KFC’s mouth-watering grilled chicken burgers or their delicious wraps, did you know that KFC are actively involved in making a difference through social programmes and event sponsorships?

  • Mini-cricket:

KFC’s mini-cricket programme brings children together to participate in a team sport that helps them learn the basics of the game in a safe environment under supervision. With more than 105 000 children participating around the country. Creating fun and enjoyment for children and families, it’s no wonder that KFC is children’s go to restaurant.

  • SoundBite:

In a way to engage with the urban youth by utilizing branded entertainment, KFC have come up with the SoundBite. This special table allows the youth to listen to their favourite local artists through the palm of their hands. Whether wanting to submit or download a song and enjoy your meal, KFC are revolutionizing the meaning of eating in style.



Source: https://goo.gl/Er2C3G

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