Beats by Dr Dre, the most iconic audio manufactures in the world, dominated the industry with their products being the most appealing headphones and earphones on the market.


Starting out in the year 2006 they hadn’t truly made an impact in the industry since there were already main competitors in the market such as Bose and Sennheiser.

Beats stepped into their shoes when they took the world by surprise in the year 2011 when LMFAO (The party rocker duo) went viral.

That is when my attention was drawn to them because they weren’t your ordinary headphones and LMFAO aren’t your ordinary artists

Being hip and flashy, the headphones appealed to the people that enjoyed their music and wanted to make a statement while doing so. After a ton of research I really grew fond of the brand since it provided top quality drivers that were similar to the competitors that were in the similar price ranges.


They delivered a deep bass that made one actually feel the music. The isolation from all the white noise around you would make you truly connect with the music. The Studio range which needs additional batteries to help noise cancellation will change the path for beats, this allowed the user to listen the music in depth since there wouldn’t be any external noises that could interrupt the sound.

Beats came in by storm when they took a drastic turn in image and quality when Apple Inc. stepped in, which shocked even the top quality manufactures such as Bose and Senheiser.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.  -Steve Jobs 

With the take over from Apple Inc. the design team took the iconic image and spiced things up a bit. The new design honestly took my breath away, just by looking at them you could identify the Apple class that underlined the new range. Beats tapped into another market when doing so since they weren’t just the flashy, bass driven headphones anymore.


The change entailed the needed to follow up on this new image and by using celebrities to endorse their product. It generated a different aspect to the product because as a consumer as well as a fan of a celebrity, one would want to use the same products to feel a part of the celebrity’s lifestyle.


The future is here and people aren’t taking notice since being in the environment of South Africa, technology takes time before it reaches the average South African citizen. Being a developing country it will be a few years before we are able to see the full affects in the world we are surrounded by.

Apple utilizing their opportunities they have ensured that Apple and Beats complement each other by making sure that if you are a fan of Beats and were looking for new phone and had to decide between IPhone or any other phone you would lean more towards the IPhone since the system created around ICloud is very user friendly. When one is connected to ICloud it registers with all Apple products. Knowing this, helps Apple users consider Beats when looking for audio devices.

The high price range shouldn’t be alarming but to be considered as a true depiction of the quality and image of the product. Being a consumer of the product I can say that if you’re a fan of music and have the means to get your hands on a pair, you should go and do so.

Once you are aboard the Beats train there is no stopping.