There are two things you can never have too many of – good friends & good shoes.

No lady’s perfect outfit is complete without that one pair of favorite shoes in her closet. You know, that pair you always grab in a dash when everything else seems to be a mess? That is why Blu Betty takes pride in offering that authentic pair of faithfuls that will make the mess seem much less.

Blu Betty is a proudly South African manufacturer in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal of classic authentic leather shoes for women. The brand takes pride in manufacturing for those “old souls” who love to invest in something worthwhile – a timeless quality product with a beautiful longevity. As a smaller player in the South African fashion industry, the company prefers to not make use of mass consumerism. Blu Betty subscribes to the “slow fashion” concept, meaning that the shoes has an everlasting lifespan in ever changing fashion trends.

Why Blu Betty

Blu Betty is a versatile brand in terms of catering for different needs and different occasions. From classrooms on campus, to business offices in the corporate industry and even on the feet of a beautiful bride in front of the pulpit on her whimsical wedding day – Blu Betty is at the center of contributing to every special moment.

blu betty protea foto

The perfect pair for her wedding day


The brand features classic styles made by skillful hands with a collective experience of 63 years in the footwear industry. These styles enhances the femininity, elegance and grace of true womanhood and gives all ladies with foot sizes ranging from size 3-9 the opportunity to live up to these characteristics. At Blu Betty there is a unique pair of shoes to fit every personality type.

Blu Betty eie foto

Student life at its best

Photo taken by: Nerine Röscher

How Blu Betty reaches you

There are several ways (apart from the brand’s main outlet in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal) the company wishes to reach its customers. This enables the brand to reach customers by using different platforms according to how it will best suit the situation and preference of the specific client.

Social media

Blu Betty’s Facebook page is a popular platform used by customers to share their unique Blu Betty experiences. This of course also enables other Facebook users to view photos and posts of the different styles and designs manufactured by the company. By liking the page, customers can stay up to date with all the latest shoe collections as well as events where the brand will be seen.

Instagram and Twitter are also popular social media platforms through which customers get daily exposure to the specialty of the brand. Consumers consequently share their moments wearing their leather shoes and inspires others to do the same.


Blu Betty has a very visual, detailed and appealing website home page with clear, easy to find links to their social media accounts, as well as all other information that consumers might want to know. The collection galleries are of course also prominent features that consumers would want to view.

Probably one of the most important uses of the website is for consumers to place their shoe orders to be manufactured and delivered.


Although markets have been around for quite some time already, a new trend has developed where consumers not only visit markets to shop for fruit, vegetables and craft goods but also search for items across the board. Blu Betty has used this as an opportunity to bring their artistic brand to the table.

  • The Shongweni Market in Durban is a weekly farmer’s market where Blu Betty shoes can be purchased.
  • Blu Betty was part of the Decorex expidition in Johannesburg from 9-13 August 2017 where they gained marvelous exposure for this lovely brand.
  • The Christmas Fair Fund is an exciting fundraising initiative to which Blu Betty has also contributed in the past.

The Authentic Leather Company

By staying true to the company’s principle of being proudly and loyally South African, Blu Betty has touched the hearts of many – from the factory worker manufacturing the shoes by hand to the satisfied end consumer where ever she may find herself.

For more in depth insight on the company and its people watch this video.