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Have you ever found that words just aren’t enough to tell the full story? Have you ever just wanted a glimpse of a moment to display the feelings, colors or emotions? You don’t just want to share words with family and friends about your adventures, you want to share the feeling? Bring your story home with Canon!

Where it all began:

Canon has been allowing stories to come alive since 1933. Originating from Japan, Canon has grown into a global brand that has managed to expand into large markets such as America, India and the UK. Recognized for its imaging technology Canon moved into the print production and motion picture industry in 2010. While currently leading in the imaging market, Canon inspires young and old to take part in capturing moments that count. The widely known, innovative brand empowers to create and encourage adventure.

Canon’s new target:

Canons most recent ‘Live for the Story’ campaign targets young millennials moving away from an older demographic, focusing its branding on adventure and encouraging living to the fullest. To be honest who doesn’t want to live that way? Europe? Africa? Australia? Every one of us wants a certain amount of adventure in our lives, to see the world and capture our very own unique moments. This is the direction Canon focused its new campaign towards.

Watch the ‘Live for the Story’ Campaign here.

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Source: Image One – Canon Ad   Image Two – Canon Ad 

‘Live for the Story’:

Canon’s brand new ‘Live for the Story’ campaign features a brilliant video that encourages exploration and purpose, allowing the viewer to identify with the character as he travels through life. The product itself is not visible in the advertisement as Canon invites the viewer to ‘live in the moment’, combating millennial smartphone habits of constantly being absorbed into a device.

The campaign has taken on many media channels including social media, websites, print media and television ads all in the aim to reach a younger target audience. The message is clear: capture moments that are worth capturing well and tell your individual story through the lens of a Canon camera.

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Lining up for the next shot:

Apart from its adventurous campaign, Canon seeks to incorporate its brand values internally and extends them outwardly by taking part in a number of social responsibility works. The brand has been a charitable sponsor for a range of different programs and activities. These characteristics have aided Canon in maintaining a world-wide brand exposure, making people from different communities aware of the companies’ awesome values.

Canon goes Green:

Another fact that makes Canon even more loveable is their heavy involvement in green initiatives, incorporating eco-friendly packaging throughout the production process of its products.  In 1997 Canon established its Global Green Procurement Standards to establish the importance of community and environment to suppliers. These actions have inadvertently provided the brand with additional marketing exposure as it immerses itself into a range of initiatives such as:

  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster relief
  • Social welfare:
    • Wheelchair marathon
    • Support for disabled artists
    • American Cancer Society
    • National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Scholarship support
  • Canon Environmental Conservation Activity
  • Clean-up Activities around Canon Offices


Canon successfully managed to convey a clear message to us: ‘Live for the Story’. Make your days count while living your individual adventure. Be unique, be capable of seeing something special in the everyday and most importantly: be able to tell your story. Don’t we all want to strive for a lifestyle like this?

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