What is Gymshark?

Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer & online retailer based in the United Kingdom. From humble beginnings, it has grown from strength to strength with over 3 million highly involved followers, from 131 countries, on all their social media platforms.

A Boy with a Dream

Created in 2012, Gymshark was founded by a teenager, at the time, Ben Francis along with a group of his closest high-school friends. Gymshark has grown from a backyard garage screen printing idea, into one of the fastest growing and most recognisable brands in the fitness and fitness apparel industry. This growth comes from a devotion to producing innovative, effective performance wear and an ever-expanding social presence, and above all a commitment to the Gymshark vision and its family of customers.

Gymsharks sees their customers as a family, a group of like-minded individuals engaging with one another to bring their respective visions to life. Their support, quick responses to emails and engagement with customers on social media is what sets Gymshark apart from competitors. They are a company who cares about their customers and understands that their customers are interested in being a part of something bigger than just sports apparel; a vision. Therefore Gymshark encourages customers, through their dual function clothing, to join their movement of being a visionary in every facet of life and apply themselves to all that life has to offer.

steve cook

Social Media Revolutionaries

It is a company that is considered as one of the pioneers of social media influencer marketing, establishing relationships with some of the most well-known fitness influencers all over the world. This list of social media influencers is an impressive one with the likes of Steve Cook, Ryan Terry and Nikki Blackketter to name a few.

Gymshark has also been able to identify potential as well as support an individual to achieve their dreams. An example of this would be David Laid. He is a nineteen year old from New Jersey that has been able to grow his following to over 500k in the space five years, becoming one of the most well-known fitness influencers all over the world.

Expos Vs Pop-ups

This year, Gymshark proved again that they are one at the forefront of innovative thinking within the fitness industry. Their decision to stop participating in fitness expos, a factor that many argue has been responsible for so much of their success, came as a shock to many people. Fitness expos are a component that many companies, within the fitness industry, have relied on for a long time and believe is the most effective way to engage with fans and increase sales.

nikki blakketter

Gymshark took this one step further by opening pop-up stores in New York and London for the duration of a weekend. The New York pop-up store was to release their new range inspired and designed by Nikki Blackketter, one of their sponsored athletes. The other was to pre release their long-anticipated Onyx range. Both occasions were opportunities for people to meet the the fitness influencers, sponsored by Gymshark, as well as to get their hands on exclusive merchandise, that would only be released sometime after each weekend of the respective pop-up stores.  

Click this link to see what went down at the London pop-up store

The demand for Gymshark products continues to grow as the company grows. All newly released ranges are sold out within minutes of their release on the Gymshark website. With one of the most loyal group of customers in the world, partnered by the innovation and creativeness of the Gymshark team, one can only ask, “What’s next for Gymshark?”

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