Our journey of innovation continues, making insurance easier and more rewarding 

How we started:

Before 1998, insurance only benefited those who claimed and there was no real price difference between low and high risk individuals. So OUTsurance was launched, promising clients will always get something out.

What we are all about:

OUTsurance established the idea of giving money back to claim-free clients. Since then OUTsurance has saved their clients hundreds of millions. Today OUTsurance is known for its’ innovative value-for-money products and world-class customer service.

Our customers are simply OUTstanding

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OUTsurance customers want to be financially protected, products that are value for money and understand why OUT is better than IN

  • Home owners who want to insure that their property is FINANCIALLY PROTECTED
  • Individuals who want to PROTECT not only their own LIVES but their families too
  • Business owners who want to be covered be COVERED AGAINST ALL EVENTUALITIES 

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution

Why our customers choose OUTsurance:

The best thing about short-term insurance is that someone else will be accountable for the bill for any damages done to your car or home

OUTsurance provides you with world-class insurance at an affordable price. So, not only will you save money, but you will also be blown away by our remarkable service and extraordinary product benefits

We bend over backwards for our clients

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OUTsurance projects:

OUTsurance started a charity campaign called Operation OUTreach that was launched in three phases. Phase one comprises of a virtual blanket campaign where people will be asked to fill in their details and contribute a virtual blanket. They can also see how many blankets their town has contributed on the Blanket Barometer. Phase two comprises of an on-air campaign where OFM presenters will talk about “Operation Outreach”, Supported with an on-air commercial, inspiring listeners to start contributing their blankets or to buy a blanket for R29.99 at any Pep store in their region and place them in the branded bins. The final stage of the campaign consists of a corporate challenge where businesses can challenge each other to donate blankets.

So this winter help the less fortunate overcome the cold this winter and be part of the Operation OUTreach blanket drive.

Operation OUTreach

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Outsurance has partnered with Trellidor to give their customers extra time and peace of mind. In the case of a damaged or broken Trellidor, Outsurance customers need only to get their claim logged with Outsurance, and after that they can sit back and relax while everything is taken care of for them, up until they become the happy, and safe owners of a new Trellidor.

Thousands of Gauteng motorists rely on the assistance from a team of 232 mobile and static pointsmen to guide them through the chaos of morning and afternoon peak hour traffic.

Music to your ears:

OUTsurance has partnered with Jacaranda FM as their new media partner . They are a much-loved, well-known brand and we believe that partnering with them will take the Pointsmen Project to a brand-new level.

Pointsmen Project

OUTsurance Pointsmen, from directing the traffic to directing paint brushes.

A service the OUTsurance provides that is very helpful towards the community is a service known as “Help@OUT”. Help@OUT is a free emergency roadside and home assistance that’s available 24/7.


Help@OUT will come to your rescue when you need us most. We can just imagine how devastated you must feel when your car breaks down even if it’s a few kilometers away from home. Help@OUT will always be available to assist you. The best part of this service provider is that if your car breaks down and you are further than 50km away from home, Help@OUT staff will organise you with overnight accommodation or other transport if needed.

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If an emergency occurs at your house Help@OUT will be at your service at anytime and will provide you with any type of assistance that one needs.

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We are overwhelmed by how much OUTsurance is making their clients lives so much easier and more rewarding. Please let us know what you though in the comment section below. If you liked this blog please like, share and reblog it.


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