Giving the world wings, one person at a time.

Red Bull made a splash when they created an entirely new product category within the food and beverage market when it first introduced the Red Bull energy drink. Red Bull has continued to make splashes ever since and has quickly become one of the most recognisable and successful brands in the world. This can be attributed to their effective and successful implementation of their Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy.


What is the Wind Behind Red Bull’s Wings?

Red Bull is a marketing-orientated organisation that has effectively implemented a successful integrated marketing communication strategy which utilises a multitude of media platforms, a unique ownership model and has created clear brand personality which allow it to connect with their consumers and followers.


Brand Association:

Red Bull has successfully built their brand equity by associating themselves with a multitude of high performing  and successful people, teams and events with their unique ownership model instead of sponsorship. Red Bull owns numerous individuals and teams within the sporting, music, gaming professional disciplines as well as creating and financing numerous extreme sports and music event throughout the year. These individuals, teams and events that Red Bull owns have become ambassadors and endorsers of the Red Bull brand and their successes builds onto the Red Bull superiority complex.

Red Bull has effectively used Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) to build its brand identity and create consumer perceptions of premium quality, superiority and pushing the limits. The Red bull slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” and the brand itself has been successfully associated with achieving the impossible and enhancing performance in all disciplines. Red Bull utilises it’s Red Bull Media House, Red Bull TV, Red Bull Radio, Red Bull Bulletin, Red Bull website,  numerous  Red Bull social media pages, print and TV adverts to capture and communicate this association. This has allowed Red Bull to turn it’s marketing buzz strategy into a profit maximisation system in which they receive an impressive return on investment despite high expenses.


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Connecting with Consumers:

Red Bull don’t sell their product, they sell their brand. Buying a can of Red Bull not only gives you energy but also invites you into the lifestyle they promote. Red Bull has created a multitude of connection points to interact with their consumers including Red Bull Media House, Red Bull Bulletin, Wings girls and various social media pages which allows them to create real, strong connections with their consumers who feel involved in the brand and thus remain brand loyal and continue to live the Red Bull lifestyle.

Red Bulls huge following on social media of 48 million likes on Facebook, 6.3 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.16 million Twitter followers can be attributed to their appropriate use of each medium and tailoring their content for each. This has made their customers and followers want to be associated with them.


Brand Personality:

Red Bull has effectively used integrated marketing communication to personify their brand to match the characteristics of the individuals, teams and  events they own, create or sponsor. Red Bull’s brand personality personified depicts a young millennial,  thrill seeker who memorably stands out by living on the edge and pushing the limits and excels in a multitude of disciplines and activities. This person would possess personality traits including being courageous, active, unpredictable, adventurous, competitive, fun and exciting. This creates a brand identity  for consumers to engage with and aspire to possess the characteristics of their heroes and the Red Bull lifestyle.

Red Bull could be said to exhibit a two sided personality. One side and the most recognisable of the two is one of daring, high performance sportsman and other of a comical, humorous, tongue and cheek cartoonist/animator. Despite this Red Bull maintains a consistent brand personality and slogan.

This personality in shown in all forms of Red Bull marketing whether it be traits the Wing Girls possess, personality of the cartoons displayed in print and television adverts, the overall feel of their documentaries and viral social media videos or traits possessed by the sporting and cultural icons, teams and events owned by Red Bull.

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