What happens when you combine your favourite chocolate with unconditional love…?

We’ve all been there: seeing the boy or girl of your dreams walk by and you don’t know what to say. You fail to come up with a pick-up line, and with pain in your heart you watch the person of your dreams disappear in front of your eyes. Now what if I told you that pick-up lines actually don’t work? In fact, they only create a temporary spark of attention. This spark will fade, and if you have nothing meaningful to say you will be left empty-handed. Instead, what you need is an honest and confident approach. And what better way to do this than with something you are truly passionate about? Hint: it’s very SWEET!


As Swiss as it gets

Toblerone will be your ticket in. The chocolate, which is known for its fine ingredients coming from all over the world, can be broken into little triangular pieces. Perfect for sharing! Every single piece can be used to brighten up someone’s day. Who doesn’t like some authentic Swiss chocolate!? Toblerone is one of the oldest chocolate producers and it bears a long and rich history. Speaking of bears, did you know that there is a bear hidden in the brand’s logo? If you take a close look at the mountain, which represents the Matterhorn in Switzerland, a bear rearing on its legs can be seen. Toblerone was founded in the Swiss capital Bern in 1908, to which the bear is a reference; a similar bear features on the city’s coat of arms. Can you see the bear?


Source: https://goo.gl/EPzi6w

Good job on spotting the bear! That’s cool, right!? Toblerone is full of surprises, for example every Tuesday is #TobleroneTuesday. On #TobleroneTuesday the brand gives away some of their best chocolates on Twitter. You can win by simply following the Toblerone account and retweeting their tweet. Now make sure you don’t miss next week’s giveaway!


All over the world

Toblerone’s recipe is secret and has never been changed. It has brought joy to many people across the globe. Quite literally. The chocolate is currently sold in over 120 countries. Toblerone is always there for you to make you (and your friends!) happy when you need it. No matter where in the world you are, there will always be some Toblerone waiting for you at the nearest supermarket.


Source: own photo

Even though Toblerone is produced in Switzerland, its ingredients come from all over the world. Only the finest ingredients are used. For example, its cocoa beans come from Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador, and its almonds come all the way from California. The final product gets its exquisite flavour from the Mexican honey that is added. However, not all the ingredients come from abroad; the milk used to produce the chocolate comes mainly from Switzerland itself. Toblerone is very versatile and thus makes an amazing ingredient in recipes.


Baking with Toblerone

Speaking of recipes, chocolate recipes are always a hit! Have you tried Toblerone cupcakes before? If not, take a look at the video shown below.

Source: https://goo.gl/ueML7T

Ingredients (for the ganache and for the top):

  • 400g of Toblerone, broken into chuncks
  • 150ml (2/3 cup) heavy or whipped cream
  • 150g melted compound chocolate or candy melts
  • 1 batch of vanilla buttercream frosting

As Elise says, “The Toblerone flavour runs all the way throughout even though we start off with just a basic chocolate cupcake.” This once again emphasises the fact that Toblerone is the perfect addition to make something plain very special without much hassle.

Now we encourage YOU to start sharing and to start spreading happiness. We want you to turn someone’s day into one worth remembering. Feel free to share your best Toblerone moments in the comments, and bring on the happiness!

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