Defined abs, round shoulders, plate chest and perfect symmetry – that’s the body that Ultimate Sports Nutrition sponsored athlete Ryan Terry portrays. Ultimate Sports Nutrition supplements and nutrition products are exactly what Ryan Terry uses to keep on challenging himself and to create the type of physique he presents to his fans and people all around the globe.

What is Ultimate Sports Nutrition?

Founded by Albé Geldenhuys in 2000, USN is one of the most popular supplement brands in South Africa. In the gym especially, a lot of people can be seen using shakers, towels or even wearing sportswear from USN.

The products are based on the latest researches and technology, to create a high-quality brand that is affordable to anyone living the fitness lifestyle.

USN does not only appeals gym-goers, as one would expect from a supplement company. Moreover, USN addresses health-conscious and sports-driven people as well as professional athletes training for various sports. The product line includes supplements for men as well for women.

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To reach the level of fitness you have always wanted or to achieve the body you have always dreamed off, takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and that is something USN always communicates to their customers. USN supplements can help you to reach your goals, whether it is to improve fitness performance, or simply to achieve the body of your dreams as long as you #challengeyourself!


How does USN reach you?

Building a high brand resonance is important for USN. Therefore, the brand positioning of USN is made by a mix of different integrated brand promotion tools to engage and communicate with their customers.

Creating values for the consumers

With almost 80,000 followers on Facebook and 40,000 on Instagram, social media is a powerful marketing tool for USN to attach and engage with customers. The social media channels are not only used to promote the products but also to motivate and inspire customers. Moreover, USN creates value for their consumers by announcing prizes games, posts transformation pictures from customers, publishes discount codes and shows short video clips. USN also offers free training and nutrition plans that are available on their website. These plans come along with supplement recommendation.

Brand Ambassadors

Ryan Terry is one of the USN brand ambassadors with almost 850,000 followers on Instagram and 250,000 on Facebook and a YouTube channel with more than. He is a fitness professional and the 2017 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique champion. Ryan Terry is giving the brand a face. By consuming the supplements, he sends out an authentic message to his followers that the supplements help him to challenge his workouts and to stay in perfect physique all year around.

The WBFF Beauty and Fitness Show

USN was one of the main sponsors of the WBFF event in 2015, which took place at Carnival City’s Big Top Arena. The competitors are not as muscular as classic bodybuilders because the athletes are not only judged by their physical physique, but also by other criteria such as marketability and stage presence. Due to the wide target group of these events, it is very lucrative for USN to be a sponsor. Besides, USN films the WBFF shows and provides the highlights on its YouTube channel.


To build a trustful relationship between the brand and the consumer’s transparency is indispensable and taken very serious by USN. Therefore, all supplements are analysed by independent laboratories and customers can be sure that no prohibited or illegal ingredients are in the products. USN publishes the laboratory reports on their website.

Where can you buy the supplements?

  • AMPED Store (Eikestad Mall – Stellenbosch)
  • Xtreme Nutrition (Neelsie Center – Stellenbosch)
  • The official USN online store
  • Checkers (nationwide)
  • Spar (nationwide)
  • Pick n Pay (nationwide)
  • Dis-Chem Pharmacies (nationwide)


The USN brand is not only an R1 billion-strong global business,
it is also a proudly South-African brand!