“Off the wall is a state of mind.

Thinking differently.

Embracing creative self-expression.

When kids snuck into empty backyard pools seeking

to expand the limits of what could be done on

skateboards, Off the Wall was born.”

VANS is not just a brand, it’s  a movement.


Since the Van Doren brothers opened their doors in 1966, VANS has continued to weave their way into the hearts of their consumers. While VANS did not intend to create a shoe just for skateboarders or surfers,  the community took a liking to them because of their thick and sticky soles – perfect for grip in any extreme sport – and adopted it as their own!

“… a better deck shoe with a rubber sole that looked like waffles and stuck like syrup, and a custom upper made of whatever fabric you were feeling… ”

Since its inception in ’66 when brothers James and Paul Van Doren manufactured and sold VANS shoes directly from their humble Californian shop, VANS has focused on customizing for their customers. The legacy that continues today is one of self-expression, adventure, and simply the thrill of being young.

This is the legacy of OFF THE WALL.



VANS has created a unique movement that unifies their diverse customer base in all creative endeavors – from extreme sport to art, music and street culture. They foster a lifestyle of ‘Off the Wall’ living, encouraging their consumers to be eccentric and unconventional – to live life to the fullest every single day.

VANS believes that it’s not about the shoes, but rather the adventures you have in them.


“Kids don’t relate to direct hard-sell advertising. They see through a company that’s just spending a lot of money to attract their attention. Our strategy is to ingratiate ourselves more into their lifestyle.” - VANS CEO, Gary Schoenfeld

VANS utilizes several different Integrated Brand Promotion tools to create awareness of their movement and are doing so via;

Social Media

VANS makes use Facebook primarily to inform their consumers of new product offerings by posting pictures, accompanied by lengthy product descriptions, to inspire the next purchase. They also advertise exciting new collections, such as the most recent collaboration with skateboarding magazine Thrasher, as well as promote Music Festivals, Competitions and Sporting Events  to create hype and buildup.

Instagram is primarily used as a platform of self-expression, where VANS’ customers can share their own designs with the tag #VANScustoms and connect with other VANS fanatics world-wide. This showcases VANS ability to fulfill the specific needs of their consumers by allowing them to customize their designs accordingly. Their customization culture allows VANS to remain a timeless trend in the eyes of young consumers.


VANS’ website is user-friendly and rich in information about the brand and its product offerings. They also use this platform as a portal for customers to easily utilize the customization function and upload their original designs to be processed. In terms of ease-of-use, VANS has nailed this with their simple online shopping experience and speedy delivery times. Consumers can also find out more about the brand’s core values and beliefs, as well as the projects they are passionate about (such as their sustainability plan) on their website. This is an easy and simple solution to getting their products to their consumers as efficiently as possible – giving consumers a reason to come back.

Events, Sponsorships and Collaborations

VANS has proven that they’re not just talk by showcasing their shoes in action through sponsoring extreme sports athletes. They’re put to the test in events and competitions that VANS organizes and markets, as well as external competitions – proving that their shoes are worth the buy! The creative community has also taken to the shoes, as they are able to express themselves freely by wearing their own designs. VANS gets these artists involved by sponsoring various design competitions on their website, which conveys VANS’ value of inclusivity.

VANS shows superiority over their competitors by not solely focusing on out-doing them, but simply rather by getting their consumers adrenalized to join their family and share in their story.

Do yourself a favour and not only invest in a trusty pair of VANS, but invest in the VANS movement of living OFF THE WALL

Watch this space…