Convenient food that values your health and wellness, that is the Woolworths promise to you.

For your convenience

Convenience is key. Nobody wants to spend hours grocery shopping. Luckily for us Woolies understands that consumers enjoy simplicity and easy to use products. Woolies has gone further than having 1395 stores throughout South Africa[1], they have taken the convenience into the store. Woolies has made a conscious effort to put products that complement eachother close to one another in the stores. When buying ingredients to make a salad or pasta all of the products are in one isle. For those of you who don’t have time (or are too lazy) to make food from scratch there are ready-made meals on offer. The wide selection of ready-made meals means that there are options available for even the fussiest eaters.

Whilst the stores are sleek and easy to navigate customers no longer need to go into the stores to buy their groceries. With the introduction of the Woolworths app and online shopping, consumers are now able to browse and buy from Woolies from the comfort of their own home. Woolworths delivers the food directly to your door at the push of a button.

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Health and well – being

Physical inactivity and an increased consumption of nutrient-poor, energy-dense foods is the leading cause of many South Africans health problems including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Living in an urbanised, stress-rich and time-poor environment, many students resort to unhealthy eating, unaware of the detrimential long-term effects it has on their body and brain.

Woolworths has comminted themselves to resovling this problem by promoting a variety of product options such as Carbclever, portion controlled snacks, Slimmers’ Choice and free-from ranges. Through detailed nutritional labelling, each of their products ensures transparency thus increasing awareness about the benefits their food provides. Their innovation resulted in them removing a total of 29.3 million teaspoons of sugar and a further 1.9 tonnes of salt from food products in 2016[2].

Through customer feedback and surveys around the many health-related issues faced by partularily children and young adults in South Africa today, Woolworths decided to remove all sweets and chocolates from food checkout aisles and was the first South African relailer to achieve this[3]. This incentivizes us to make informed dietary choices by selecting alternatives such as dried fruit, nuts instead of the implusive so-called ‘stress relievers’.

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In addition, Woolworths has partnered with the Vitality HealthyFood™ programme, which has lead to 363 000 customers receiving rewards such as earning 25% cash-back on any of the Woolies 2570 healthy food products[4].

Their promise

By now we know that Woolworths accepts nothing less than exceptional standards. Woolies values integrity and ensures on delivering the promises that have been made.

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Woolworths has been the leading company in the South African retail industry and has been applauded on a number of occasions for the leadership in food ethics and quality in the industry. While the aim is to always deliver on promises they also aim to create a more sustainable future in South Africa. This is slowly being achieved through the Good Business Journey, commonly known as GBJ. By 2020 they aim to contribute R3,5 billion to local communities, save 5 Billion litres of water, and halve their energy impact. They also aim to source all of their energy requirements from renewable sources by 2030 and have at least one sustainability attribute for all their directly sourced products[5]. Needless to say, we can expect Woolworths will continue to achieve sustainable production and consumption in the near future.

Woolworths is providing the best quality products in the most convenient manner, that’s the difference.