Have you ever thought about a vehicle that would fit you to the tee?

A car that has everything you need and more. One that you would call pure automotive bliss. There is something special about having the key to an Audi in your hand. You can almost hear the sound of the engine, the feel of the engineering, and the smell of the leather. You walk up to it, open the door, and carefully get in. Your heart is racing as you press a great big red button that says START ENGINE, and you know you are in for a treat. Classic elegance at your fingertips!

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The moment an Audi comes to life is a car enthusiasts dream, it becomes an epic melody of pure unapologetic exhaust noise. Thanks to the multi-path exhaust system, at a cold start, it sounds essentially as if it has no mufflers; it draws a crowd and startles those not quite expecting it.


But enough with blowing Audi’s hooter, for now. Here are just a few of the features that an Audi possesses. A quick peek to make you excited, if you aren’t already.

Audi 3


From luxurious materials to finely crafted details, Audi interiors establish a striking degree of sophistication, style and most definitely, comfort. Whether it is the touch of the finest leather seating surfaces or steering wheel, decorative inlays or simply the cabin climate, Audi holds nothing back to ensure overall harmony every moment you are in an Audi.

To ensure that Audi vehicles consistently have that pleasant leather smell, Audi make use of a very special team known as the Odour Team or “Nose Team”. This team ensures that plastics giving off unpleasant smells, don’t stand a chance of being used in these vehicles. Thus, Audi work with the world’s best leather producers provides only the highest standard of quality leather.

Audi 4



Technology is changing by the second, and although the future may seem a bit scary in some, Audi wants to put you at ease when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

It is overwhelming to see all the different technological innovations that Audi is adding to their collection of greatness. Here is just a small glimpse of the many innovations we are talking about:

  • Sensors that automatically maintain safe distances and speed
  • Pedestrian detecting sensors
  • Uneven surface detecting sensors which:
    • Adjust the ride height
    • Adjust the suspension of the car
  • The LED lights adapt for maximum visibility
  • Adjusting side mirrors which help to detect objects in blind spots
  • Slippery surface detecting sensors

All these features relate to some of the safety promises of Audi. There are even more that include convenience and luxury such as interior light adjustments.


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Audi is a well-known brand in the automotive market. The reason for this is the distinctive interlinking rings by which Audi is recognised. As for its performance, Audi is one of the leading motor manufacturers that invests in motor racing and four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicles. Audi also boasts with probably the widest range of models in its brand category. This favourable brand creates a feeling of rugged yet luxury, sportiness yet elegance and comfort yet safety amongst all its clients. But this ‘pretty face’ is still a comfortable family car, whether a smaller sport version or a larger SUV model.

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In Conclusion

One thing is certain: Audi has given us a taste of the future, a car for the 21st century as it becomes more adaptable to the needs of its owners. It is as if the technological advances allow the car to read our biggest desires. With its beautiful design, vast innovation and precision in engineering, Audi “doesn’t just drive, it thinks” .A car that can do everything and looks good doing it. Now who wouldn’t want that?


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