Listen up! It’s time to pack your tablets and video games away… Barbie is back!

The iconic brand, Barbie, have released their new ‘fashionista’ and career dolls, Barbie now has new looks, new careers and more style than you could ever imagine! 

The New Crew

You can find Barbie’s ‘new crew’ sporting these unique and fresh looks on Barbie’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages as well as their website. These dolls’ modern and diverse features include:

  • 22  hairstyles
  • 18 eye colours
  • 8 skin tones
  • 14 face shapes
  • 23 hair colours
  • 3 new body shapes
‘The new crew’ by Barbie


What more could you want!?


Have you ever wanted to be a nurse? You can! Ever wanted to be a professional game developer? You can! Ever wanted to be president? You can be anything with Barbie!

Barbie created the #YouCanBeAnything campaign to constantly inspire and empower young girls to dream bigger. Barbie encourages them to never give up on their dreams and that they are capable of becoming whatever they want to be.

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Play time is always better with Barbie

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Barbie used Facebook as a medium to reach parents by creating an online competition where they were required to post a picture of their child dressed up in their dream career attire (we all know how much parents love posting about their kids!)  with the caption: #YouCanBeAnything. To demonstrate their commitment to this campaign, Barbie selected four winners to experience their dream career for the day and take home a career Barbie doll of their choice.

Barbie created a video to show the world how young girls imagine their endless career possibilities while they are playing with Barbie. Do yourself a favour and click play on the video below:

Now if that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!


“Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world”- Barbie

Now let’s be honest with ourselves, we have all definitely played Barbie at least a few times in our lives (AT LEAST). Whether it was on your own, with your friends, your sister, your mom, your daughter (or brother or son or, even with your DAD… it is 2017 after all!) Barbie launched the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie campaign to encourage and reassure father’s that playing Barbie is ‘cool’ and actually an important part of a child’s development.

The video below was aired during the NFL playoffs in America, reaching a vast male audience, making fathers aware that playing with their daughters is just as important as watching sport.

What’s more precious than seeing daddy playing with his daughter?

Barbie takes YouTube

Barbie’s YouTube channel is up to date with all the latest trends, featuring Barbie doing all of the popular ‘YouTube challenges’. Barbie uses vlogs on her channel as a platform to connect with her audience and talk about very relevant social issues such as bullying – it’s really worthwhile to subscribe (it’s our new guilty pleasure!). Through commenting on her vlogs, Barbie has connected people all over the world by being able to share their experiences and feelings on various global issues. You can also join this community by commenting on the Barbie vlogs. Barbie has managed to maintain her relationship with her older followers, who have outgrown playing with the Barbie dolls but still enjoy the Barbie brand, by being available on social media. 


Just when you thought that Barbie couldn’t get any better, they recently did a  collaboration with Missguided, a popular clothing brand in Europe and America, to create a stylish clothing line (it is to die for – take our money now!) for the ‘Generation Y’ Barbie fans. This has brought nostalgia to the older generations and sold out within just 24 hours!

Watch this space…

Throughout the years, Barbie has adjusted their brand promotion efforts to suit the latest trends and advertising mediums. This is just the start of the spanking new, more diverse Barbie brand. We can’t wait to see what Barbie does next, and we bet you can’t either!

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There’s a Barbie for everyone!

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