What if I told you that M.A.C cosmetics was created in a kitchen by Frank and Frank, a photographer, a make-up artist and a chemist. 

The journey of M.A.C cosmetics

The global success that is M.A.C cosmetics was first created in a kitchen by a photographer and a chemist because they recognised the need for high quality, colourful and well pigmented make-up products that could photograph well. Since then, it has evolved into a community of over 15 000 make-up artists world-wide that represents the brand and endorses it. The employees are well trained artists that can provide customers with an in-store demonstration and a face map to recreate the perfect look in the comfort of their homes.

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Why M.A.C?

M.A.C was one of the first companies to encourage diversity, support controversial campaigns such as HIV/AIDS and most importantly, it encourages young people to embrace their individuality. It is a brand that has no boundaries, it is created for men and woman of all ages and races. The following campaigns have been implemented in the long-term plan and are what makes the brand so unique.

  • Viva Glam Aids Fund

M.A.C is the only makeup brand that gives 100% of the revenue from any Viva Glam product purchased towards the M.A.C Aids Fund. Thus, supporting communities affected by HIV/AIDS through funding research projects and creating social awareness. M.A.C also created a pink lipstick in support of transgender people, with the proceeds being allocated towards the creating awareness as well.

  • Back to MAC recycling

As a make-up company, some may think it is superficial but M.A.C is environmentally conscious, therefore through this initiative M.A.C customers can return any six-primary packaging constrainers and in return consumers will receive a free M.A.C lipsticks of their choice.

  • Quality, variations, value

The cosmetics company provides a variety of shades to suit all types of skin tones and personalities, this way each customer is guaranteed to find the perfect products according to their needs. M.A.C is relatively expensive compared to over the counter make up brands. The price is justified through the personalised and professional services that the company provides in their stores across the world. The highly pigmented products are long lasting and of high quality, the product would last a customer a few months if used as it was demonstrated.

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Social media savvy

Various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as the M.A.C cosmetics online site have been integrated to keep the brand identity consistent. The company’s collaborations with celebrities such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Rihanna are carefully selected as these celebrities are known to be “Diva’s” , trendsetters and risk takers which is ultimately what the brand encourages. Which is to not to be afraid to stand out in the crowd.

  • Bloggers and fashion influencers

In a world of social media, people are more inclined to watch reviews and buy products that are tried and trusted by many. MAC declutters the noise from competitors by letting their products speak for themselves through reviews by their partnerships with make-up artists.

The M.AC pro range provides make-up professionals with the highest quality products, services and discounts.  This allows MAC entrance into the fashion industry as make-up artists are given the tools to create trends and looks backstage at events which allows the brand to be known as innovative industry trendsetter.

  • Website

The company website acts as an online shop, advertising medium and a place for M.A.C customers to share their pictures using the hashtag #maccosmetics on any social media platform to be featured, creating the feeling of being a close community by sharing your love of the brand.

What makes the brand special is that it is a global giant but also remains true to their values of diversity, originality and individuality.

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            “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

 -Francis Bacon