Passion. Thrill. Magic. Never stop chasing your summer with Billabong.
Unbreakable boardshorts, beautiful bikinis, snugly sweaters- Billabong let’s you have it all.

From the glassy shores of the Australian Gold Coast to more than 11,102 stores worldwide, the brand has ridden the wave of success and innovation since 1973. Just as Jordy uses his core strength to catch airs, Billabong has used its strong brand personality to catch consumers.


A wanderer, explorer, sun chaser and wave racer

If Billabong were a person, they’d be just that. A vision of radiating sunshine, limitless energy and a passion for happiness. The company has long since elevated itself to the leading surf brand through its definitive brand personality, which consumers have come to love and trust. When people purchase a Billabong item, they invest in an image and a lifestyle that extends far beyond the product. Billabong lets its consumers dip their toes into the carefree surfer’s life. They have incorporated all senses into the buying experience- their stores are vanilla scented, with collages of waves and endless white beaches stretching out over the walls whilst a guitar hums in the background somewhere. Billabong has incorporated the purchasing action into an invigorating atmosphere, where consumers feel relaxed and at ease, almost as if sitting on a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees.

A life filled with summer dreams, turquoise waters, salty hair and endless travels.

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Leading Life through a Living Example

The brand encompasses the values of leading an active lifestyle by promoting and sponsoring sports, particularly surfing. In South Africa, Billabong is the main initiator of some of the biggest surfing events nationwide, including the Jeffrey’s Bay Billabong Pro and the Billabong Junior Series. They invest time, money and endless enthusiasm into numerous acclaimed World Surf League events all over the African continent, encouraging the surfers and supporters to keep pushing their limits and reach beyond the impossible. Through Billabong’s sponsorship and support of these events, the South African surf scene can continue to develop and prosper. Their commitment to living and creating a wholesome and active lifestyle flows from their carefully designed wetsuits to the beaming athletes at their events.


Community Empowerment: Everyone deserves to ride that wave

Billabong not only advocates an active lifestyle, but they allow their customers to live it too. Even those who would normally not even be able to dream of riding a wave. The company has initiated various charity and community projects, such as their partnership with Surf Emporium in Muizenberg. Every weekend, children from the local Khayelitsha township are picked up with a bus and taken to Muizenberg beach, where they learn how to surf. By uplifting the community and empowering those less fortunate, Billabong has managed to give hope and happiness as well as foster local undiscovered talent.


Role Models to Lead the Way

Billabong brand ambassadors are key components in the successful marketing strategies of the brand. Sponsored surfers such as Summer Sutton (featured in the video), Tanika Hoffman and Jack Freestone are some of the top athletes representing Billabong. Their audience stretches globally, and their social media accounts are used as platforms to promote Billabong and showcase the newest products. From riding waves in sleek Billabong wetsuits to easy beach days in Billabong bikinis- the consumers get to see a taste of the kind of life Billabong brings in real-life form. These professional surfers inspire their following through their endless beach days, surf skill and life stoke, and it is precisely these values that Billabong seeks to embrace. Consumers link the brand ambassadors to the brand, so that surfers such as Summer Sutton are a direct real-life personification of everything the brand stands for.  By understanding their consumers and communicating on a level applicable to their lives, Billabong has created a tight knit family of surfers and customers alike that live and love the brand and the values it encompasses.

source: Greg Chapman Photography

At the heart of Billabong lies the deep desire for freedom, the kind that is found in catching that wave just before the break, or effortlessly gliding through the water.

As endless as the ocean, as timeless as the tides. Billabong.


source: filmed and edited by Nicola Starke (20030789), Samantha Sutton (19785607) & Melanie Sass (19147228)