Carling Black Label has become a massive part of the South African culture due to its taste, alcohol percentage and price and from what we can see it is here to stay.

There is no doubt that Black Label is one of if not the top beer brand in South Africa. With a history that goes all the way back to it being the favored drink of the African natives during apartheid to it being an integral part of any modern day braai or sports event. Now no one is saying that you need to drink to have fun, but you don’t need running shoes to run either but it sure can help.

image1(Taken at varsity rugby game)


One way of seeing how well a brand has done for itself is the various achievements that it has under its belt, in this regard Black Label comes out on top as it is the most awarded beer in South Africa with such awards as “World’s Best Bottled Beer” which they have won twice, a “Grand Gold” in the Monde international award and a 3 star gold in the “International Taste and Quality Institute”.


Black Label is the top choice for many different occasions, firstly just as a good and sweet tasting drink, secondly the alcohol content helps those who simply want to relax after a long and hard day as it is the perfect mix of not too strong but still enough to make a difference. Thirdly is for what most of us would use it for as the alcohol gets us drunk and the sweet taste allows us to drink a large amount in a very short amount of time. You would almost think that Carling plans for this with all of their bulk deals and specials. Wanna see?


Carling Black Label has done a very good job of integrating itself within South African culture and making its presence known in the eyes and minds of the public. They are at sporting events such as the varsity cup rugby and even the Premier Soccer League as they are the official beer sponsor as of this year so only Carling Black Label will be served to supporters at the stadiums where the games are being played. They also allow fan engagement as much as possible such as the Carling Black Label Cup where they pit the Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates against each other but they allow fans to vote for the starting line-ups on an online voting system. Giving the fans a voice has meant that the event is well received and is very popular.


What Makes Them Different

Since they first came to our shores Carling has been different from other beers. The taste has been sweeter, the alcohol content has been higher and it’s been better priced, but besides that what truly makes them different from their competitors is how they care about their consumer. They constantly make sure that their product is of the utmost quality, and their efforts to cater for the specific needs of their target market makes those individuals feel valued and appreciate the efforts that the brand has made for them. They appreciate their consumers such as with their campaign with the message, “champion men, deserve champion beer”.