BOSify :

/bos sɪfʌɪ/

–verb tr. bossificate (as in to Bossify, to be converted to BOS, or to subscribe to the BOS way of life).

–noun (BOS)  Deliciously refreshing ice tea made entirely in South Africa with enormous integrity and care. A cool tea with a cool taste in a cool can.

Step 1: Know About The Brand

Good health does not need to be at the expense of good let-your-hair-down living. With this in mind Grant Rushmere and Richard Bowsher, the founders of BOS Ice Tea, set out to create an ice tea which was healthy as well as fun. They developed a range of ice teas that all have a Rooibos tea base.

The Rooibos which is the main ingredient of all BOS Ice Tea is naturally grown in South Africa and has many health benefits which include:

  • Rich in ant-oxidants and essential minerals
  • Anti-spasmodic and anti-allergenic effects
  • Improves circulation and liver function
  • Strengthens lymph vessels
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Prescribed for nervous tension and insomnia

Although they now have a variety of ranges on offer, including the BOS Sport and BOS Energy, it all started with their Classic range, which was launched in 2010 and consist of their lemon, peach, apple and berry flavours.

BOS Rooibos is farmed on Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm and Private Nature Reserve, in the heart of the Cederberg Mountains. The farm, which is owned and operated by BOS director Richard Bowsher, is fully organic and operates at the forefront of environmentally sustainable farming.


source: our own

Step 2: Support The Brand

BOS supports the adventurous, the crazy, the explorers, and they’re constantly seeking out opportunities to broaden their involvement with like-minded people. When launching BOS sport they approach

ed the following people who embodied the BOS spirit, to become official BOS ambassadors. (You can follow these ambassadors, as well as many others, while they BOSify their life.)

  • 7X time XTERRA World Champion Conrad “Caveman” Stoltz.
  • Downhill MTB Masters World Champion Myles Kelsey.
  • 12 year old Downhill MTB 2015 WP downhill champion, Ike Klaassen.
  • The Big Wave World Champion, Grant “Twiggy” Baker.
  • Kite Surfer, Kyle Cabano.

Step 3: Live The brand                

When traveling look out for the brand in the following countries: South Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Repubic and Austria.

This is our adventure with BOS #BOSmoments:



source: our own

Step 4: Celebrate With The Brand

BOS Ice Tea believes that BOS is not just an ice tea, and demonstrates this with their Cocktail recipes and mixers available on their website. With their fresh, natural flavours it is the perfect base for a few of their signature cocktail inventions.

 These include the:

  • The BOS Boomslang
  • The BOSquito
  • The fynBOS fever punch
  • The HUGO BOS

Whether you’re at a bar, a celebration or a braai, BOS Ice Tea is the perfect mixer to make tasty drinks.


source: our own

Step 5: Laugh With the Brand

Grant Rushmere explains that their attitude and goal in marketing is to create an environment where they are giving an uplifting, joyful experience in exchange for people’s attention.

No one can forget people in giraffe costumes cycling through the center of Cape Town on bicycles, handing out BOS Ice Tea as well as divers wearing shark fins and peace flags emerging from the ocean to hand out BOS Ice Tea on popular beaches in Cape Town.

The UCT Mountain & Ski Club is an active, vibrant group of students. Their philosophy’s reflect a fun and an active healthy lifestyle, which is totally up BOS’s alley. Together they created an Extreme Grass Skiing event. The ski trails were set up on the grassy slopes of Table Mountain and included crazy costumes and plenty of BOS Ice Tea. These memorable campaigns, as well as many others, have been an important step in gaining brand awareness.

Step 6: BOSify Your World

BOS committed to planting 1 tree for every 2000 cans sold. Currently over 2,000 trees have been planted in underprivileged and under-greened schools and public spaces. The mobile app has been used to support BOS’s goal of planting 50,000 trees by 2020.

“Go local, Go lekker, Go BOS! ” 

Don’t worry if you can’t remember everything- here is the BOS Ice Tea cheat sheet.