#FreetheJOY within you!

Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is not only a delicious cure for a bad day but an all-time classic (Opened in 1930 in South Africa) and loved by the young and the old. Their marketing efforts is also something to boast about after them winning not one or two or three, but four top Marketing and Advertising awards at the Appex awards in South Africa in 2010. The question is, how has Cadbury built this empire of JOY? and why do people love Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate so much?

Cadbury is all about that JOY life

welcome to joyville9


Cadbury is known for their free the Joy campaign. This campaign tells a magical story of Joy, and takes place in a world called “Joyville”- where Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is made.  Joyville was firstly introduced in their “bubbly cows” commercial in 2012, where the Bubbly chocolate and floating cows are seen to come from a place called “Joyville”. Cadbury therefore creates a positive perception in their consumers mind that their products are unique and worth it. I mean, what other chocolate  comes from Joyville?


TV commercials

Cadbury’s main marketing tool is television and thus, has used multiple commercials shown on TV to promote their campaign of #FreetheJoy. Their commercials focus on one goal and that is to make the consumer feel something whether it be:  

  • Humor 
  • Love 
  • Joy 
  • Excitement

  Their commercial “Aquarium” below was released in July 2016 and is full of fun, energy and happiness, which is exactly what Cadbury is all about. Therefore, Cadbury not only focuses on the product itself but the benefits that they bring to consumers, such as Joy, satisfaction and excitement and therefore, does this effectively through their marketing efforts.


 Social media – interactive marketing

Social media is another tool that Cadbury uses to connect and communicate with their consumers, it is quick, convenient and easy. Cadbury Dairy Milk SA has over 16 million followers on Facebook, which is quite a substantial amount. They take advantage of this by not only promoting their new products (such as the new Cadbury Bubbly Oreo chocolate) but by having consistent promotions and competitions. Cadbury therefore uses social media to engage with their customers and to create an atmosphere of excitement and joy on their social media pages. 



 Event sponsorship

Cadbury has a reputation of supporting major sporting events, including the Olympics in Sydney in 2000, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, Melbourne in 2006 as well as the 2012 London Olympics. People from all over the world watch the Olympics; therefore this was a great way for Cadbury to bring people together from across the world to celebrate the Olympics with their brand. The Olympics is such an exciting time for not only the athletes but the people watching and therefore this was a fantastic idea, as consumers could relate their excitement for the games with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.



So, to answer the question proposed earlier,

Cadbury has created this empire of Joy through using a wide range of promotional tools. Without their TV commercials, constant promotions on social media and large event sponsorships, nobody would even know what Cadbury stands for nor would they know that their products are all about JOY.

And why not love Cadbury? Their products taste amazing and they have a countless amount of flavours that other chocolates do not have #Oreobubbly.
Let’s applaud Cadbury for wanting to make us feel so special and by making our JOY their top priority as a brand.
#FreeyourJoy down below by commenting your favourite Cadbury chocolate!



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