Will there ever be a limit to their famous slogan, Better and Better? Not quite yet…

Since 1991 the Checkers supermarkets have been busy bees creating a family-friendly, low price and excellent quality supermarket for consumers all across South Africa and Namibia. They even have a sense of humour and a love for children!

“’Cause it’s all about the price, so little…”

In July 2016, Checkers launched the first Checkers Little Shop promotion which emphasized the “little prices” as well as the new mini brand collection to be claimed with every R150 spent at Checkers. On social media it was clear that a lot of people shop at Checkers, as Facebook were booming with consumers trying to trade their minis in order to complete their collection.

This promotion was so successful that Checkers even launched a second edition of the Checkers Little Shop in May 2017, complete with a Little Shop App, Checkers trolleys and baskets for kids to play with. Kids sure had a huge shopping experience to keep them busy!

Another edition to this promotion was the fact that loyal Checkers customers could win movie tickets worth R10 000 and a trip to Disneyland in Paris. Among the 30 other mini brands, 20 golden trolleys were hidden. One of these golden trolleys could wheel a lucky customer to a trolley dash worth R5000.

Kids enjoying the fun that Little Shop offers

Source: goo.gl/GmJyE3

Cheese and wine please!

The annual Cheese festival, held at Sandringham farm outside Stellenbosch, brings a lot of wine and cheese lovers together to celebrate the true South African culture. Now guess the name of the main sponsor… Obviously Checkers! They have their own area at the festival where people can taste different types of cheese and wine from around the world and all of which are sold at Checkers.

Different wine and cheese distributors use this festival opportunity to promote their product by offering a free tasting to everyone that seems interested. Most people seemed to be quite interested in the wine selections. The festival offers something for every age and includes:

  • Play areas for the children
  • Connoisseurs experiences
  • Music entertainment
  • Various music entertainment
nataniel kaasfees
Brand ambassador, Nataniël, showing off his cooking skills at the Checkers Cheese Festival

source: goo.gl/MorMNN

The many faces of Checkers

No advertisement speaks more directly to consumers than a famous person promoting the brand.

Television personality and comedian, Nataniël, is a favourite among many Checkers ads. He also has his own range of products only available at Checkers, which includes spices, condiments, kitchen utensils and many more. In his cooking show, “Die Nataniël Tafel”, he only uses Checkers’ products and also mentions it in the program, especially their exclusive range of meats and cheeses.

Another celebrity approached by Checkers is, the YouTube sensation, Suzelle. She also promotes Checkers’ products in her quite funny YouTube channel, SuzelleDIY. Checkers brought these two celebrities together in their advertisements and produced third place in the “Ad of the Year” countdown by Marlives.com in 2015. See for yourself:

Checkers aims to bring customers satisfaction by offering unique and good quality products at lowest prices possible, together with their campaign to prevent food prices by rising together with inflation. More than you expect, for less than you think.

Checkers shoppers in all their glory

source: own Photo